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Rated and Protected Tables



1. The time zone for this site is Eastern Standard Time. For your convenience, a current clock is located in the right uppermost corner of every Rankmonster Page. Be sure to refresh/reload the page for correct time.

2. Please keep your Rankmonster tournament page open while you are playing in the tourney - this will help you keep track of the tourney’s progress and make reporting easier.

3. After the tourney starts, refresh your Rankmonster page - pairings will show up along with the report button.

4. Out of Respect for your fellow monsters, please be sure to say "Hi", "GL" (good luck), and "GG" (good game) when competing.

5. Remember, CAPS are for use solely by tournament hosts.

6. Donations and entry fees are non-refundable unless a tournament is canceled.

7. If ULNA is full, use Alleykatzden


Inviting your Opponent:,

1. In Single and Double Elimination tourneys, the top player in each set of brackets is responsible for inviting the bottom player.

2. In a Swiss tournament, the player listed first in the top left column(titled "Player") is responsible for inviting the player to their right (numbers up top indicate a round of the tourney) for each appropriate round.

3. Tournament Host will invite for the final round of single and double elimination tourneys.

4. If it is your opponent’s invite, please give them a couple of minutes to set table after brackets are displayed. 5. If they fail to invite within an appropriate time, please make the correct table and try to invite them. If there is no response from them, invite the tournament host to begin a timer.

Table/Game Settings:

1. All tournament matches will be played on rated tables unless stated otherwise.

2. Tables must always be protected, NOT private!

3. Once the game table has been created, remove the checkmark from the "allow kibitz" option on the left side of the game table. If you fail to do so and someone kibitzes and reveals your bones, the game will NOT be replayed!

4. *BOTH* parties must make sure that the table is set correctly! If the settings are incorrect and the game is started, the tournament host must be notified immediately and the game may be replayed at host’s discretion.

5. It is the player’s responsibility to be familiar with the game format and all the rules associated with it.


Slow-Poke Rule:

At the discretion of the tournament host, if you are holding up tourney play, you will be given one warning. Next offense will result in disqualification from the tourney. (Consideration will be afforded to players who are not familiar with the game.)

Reporting a Loss:

1. Non-winners are required to report the game as a loss on the tournament page where they checked in. A loss must be reported immediately upon completion of the game.

2. Click the PURPLE report match link and verify the loss against your opponent. *Hint: If you have to type in your opponent's name, you are in the WRONG area. Please ask the host for help.

3. If you cannot report, it is your responsibility to inform the tournament host.

4. Team tourneys are to be reported by ONE PLAYER from the non-winning team.

5. Resignations count as losses. If you resign/quit a game, please report the loss immediately.


1. 10 minutes for disconnections, boots, freeze, etc. Timer begins when the host is notified and starts a timer at the table. Time is run consecutively and does not start over each time a disconnection occurs. If a player’s timer runs out, it is an automatic loss. This is 10 minutes for the ENTIRE tournament not each round.

2. Time is shared between both partners in a team tournament - 10 minutes total.

3. If a timer is started, the game will be played on that table.

4. If your opponent goes MIA and times out, please invite the host to seat and cancel the unfinished game. You must not forfeit the unfinished game on Yahoo. You will only get a win on Rankmonster.

Watching Tournament Games:

1. You should ask the consent of all parties at a tournament table if you intend to watch the game. Simply ask "miw" (May I watch). If one player does not want any watchers, you must leave the table. Once you join a game to watch, please stay until the game's conclusion! (No table hopping.)

2. If you are asked to leave and you fail to do so, the host of the table will boot you.

3. Kibitzing is not allowed on tournament tables.

Team Tourneys:


2. Withdrawing or voluntarily leaving the tourney affects your partner as well as yourself. Doing this without the knowledge or consent of the other partner is considered bad sportsmanship. Your file may be marked for this if a complaint is filed. Your partner has an investment in the tourney also; therefore, he/she should be aware of and agree with your decision.

3. Discussion between teammates at the tourney table or in the lobby as to the bones in hand or strategy is UNACCEPTABLE. If you do this you will be warned, then DISQUALIFIED.

4. Subbing is not allowed under any circumstance. If your team uses up its 10 min. MIA timer, the host will withdraw your team and report a loss for your team.

Grounds for Disqualification:

1. Foul language or other inappropriate behavior. You will get one warning, second offense is an automatic disqualification from the tournament.

2. Abuse/Bickering/Fighting/Arguing in the lobby will be grounds for disqualification.

3. Kibitzing or Force forfeiting your opponent is an automatic disqualification.


In order to play in a tournament, your Yahoo ID and Rankmonster name should match exactly so players know who to invite. If you need help with this, please ask the tournament host.
*Exceptions may be made for new Rankmonster members at the discretion of the tournament host.


1. In the event of a defunct server error, NO ONE SHOULD LEAVE THE CURRENT SERVER UNTIL FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS ARE GIVEN. Games that are in progress will be completed. Players will have 10 minutes to get to the new server after that. Once 10 minutes is up, a player’s MIA timer will start. The host will provide further instructions, if necessary.

2. If there is a Yahoo glitch where a player cannot remain on the table before the game has started, the host will ask for another table to be created.

3. If there is a Yahoo glitch where a player cannot play a bone, the host will try and see if they can play it.

4. Hardware and software reliability are the player’s responsibility. We are also not responsible for Yahoo lag or Yahoo connection problems.

The tournament host’s decision is final. Please do not continue to dispute the decision. If you still do not agree, you may submit a Rankmonster support ticket by contacting, Support .