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Mike Hunt So Many Friends

K.C. - the bestest Texas gal ever!
Check out her WEBSITE!!!


Andrea from art class

Andrea is awesome you know


ashley and ryans homecoming pic how nice lol they look good together tho

my little bass player lexi

Jeff and jenn how cute they make a good couple tho and notice his car what a piece of shit

lexi and ashley

angel my lil sister shes really an angel god sent her to me to talk to

josh and his girl kristena

top left to right:josh, lindsay ruter, lindsay zech, tim, steve, amy bottom left to right:jenna, jenn, erica, emily layin on floor:kristina sitting on floor:jarret

so what do you all think about this whole space craft blowing up Its sad really. I wonder if bin laden had anything to do with it im sure there trying to pin it on him. I swear all i hear on the radio is come to the space senter fpr training come try it out. Shit like i wanna get blown up not to say i would even make it( cause god KnOws damn well I wouldnt) to say the least we can blow up in space crafts but we cant blow iraq up and france them bastered wont even suport us after what we did for them They have no fucking nerve and what is goin on with korea blow them up to they aint no one it kinda pisses me off sometime i dont no why i really could care less you no but as im sitting here at 5:30 in the morning i start to think to my self what the fuck is the world comeing to high school is a waste of fucking time allso all we learn is what we learned in grades k-8 lets think about this real fast what is the point of life nothion ever good happens i promise and all we do is go to school for what to learn how to work thats all but when is the free time we should have to make something of are selfs i wish we could go back to the 60'2 and 70's when music ment something not this rap shit life should be a party where every one noes everybody

ways to get a hold of me

fuck fuck fucky fuck fuck

fat ass shirts i wish i had all most all of them
one of a kind truck every one should have one