Lost Souls
Summary:A bus ride home that goes no where. Can he ever find his way back home?
Genre: Supernatural [AU]
Focus: Kevin
Status: Finished

You're Beautiful
Summary: Beauty, how do I find it? Is it something that I can see? Or feel? Or touch?
Genre:Drama/Angst [AU]
Status: Finished

My Love [offline]
Summary: In life things happen for a reason, in your life, Nick happened.
Genre: Romance
Focus: Nick
Status: Finished

A Woman's Worth
Summary: AJ learnt to appreciates the oppposite sex. AU.
Focus: AJ
Status: Finished

Summary: How do you tell the face of silence?...sometimes noise give me no thrill, and silence can seem so loud.
Focus: Brian
Status: Finished

I See You
Summary: Sometimes, what you see isn't always what you got. Nick learnt it the hard way.
Genre: General
Focus: Group
Status: Finished

Can You Help Me Please?
Summary:When you needed help and there was nobody to offer you one, what was left?
Genre: General
Focus: Group
Status: Finished

Twist Of Fate[linked to Vaffel.com]
Summary:They had the future to look out for, but in a twist of fate, everything changed.
Genre: Drama/AU
Focus: AJ & Nick
Status:Finished, this story is linked to Vaffel.com, under pen name mersey04

Summary:He's tired of being used. [yup, sure suck at summaries]
Genre: General

I'm Okay
Summary:A short story of Nick's POV

The Hands That Give
Summary:Everyone was put in this earth for a purpose.

Reminiscing Christmas
Summary:One of the guys think back on Christmas on the road...

The One With Nick
Summary:We all have problems. We all have inner sruggles...and we all have hope.
Genre:General [AJ POV]

Did You Know...
Summary:All things have to have a beginning. This is where the infamous Backstreet Tradition begins.
Genre: General [Brian POV]

Summary:Brian was reminded of an unforgettable encounter together with Nick
Genre:General [Brian's POV]

Kevin's Confession
Summary:This is my take on canyouhearmenow's challenge. It's meant to be humor, hope it works! lol...
Genre:General [Brian's POV]

Mirror Of Me
Summary:Nick had problems making friends with kids his age and Kevin bought him a balloon and showed him how. As funny as this summary may sounds to you, it's actually not funny, I blame it on my poor attempt to write a summary that works. Oh, and this is inspired by a true story, cheers!

Soundtrack Of My Life
Summary:AJ and Nick reminiscing on the sidewalk. Really, I'm SO bad at summaries :(

Brian's Corner - Uncut
Summary:Nick is done and now the camera is passed on to Brian. But some footage never left the editting room. Lucky for us, it got leaked! lol

Backstreet Buggin'
Summary:The boys had to draw the shortest sticks and be separated into two groups for more interviews. What happened next?

Window of Dreams
Summary:Nick reflects on a time where he was happy.

Nick Vs The Universe
Summary:Sleepless at 3am and all alone, Nick decided to write a letter.

Figuring It Out
Summary:While out on a dinner, Nick tried figuring Kevin out, only to find out Kevin was doing the same thing. (Kevin/Nick)

Summary:They say changes can be so good. This one sucks though - Get into the head of Nick Carter as he ponders the reason behind 'we need to talk'. (Nick/AJ)

Death Becomes Him
Summary:If Death had wanted you, you'd be dead by now. kevin's POV

The Shift
Summary:There's a shift in the group and he watch in silence as it unfolds. Howie's POV

I Dream Of...
Summary:All he had to do was give Kevin a call, but even that, proved a challenge for our Nick.

I, Hunter
Summary:The fight never stops, even after Kevin's departure, and some days it was easy, and other days, they fight to hang on. Some swear words so you've been warned :p

Stay With Me
Summary:He only wanted to hear that one voice, but Nick remained lost to him, so he heard nothing.

In The Middle Of
Summary: I sit here in the comfort of my studio, looking through old photographs of us together, floating with the past, memories of once upon a time and back in the day, because as far as being a Backstreet Boy is concerned, all I have now is the past.

The Charm Of Nick Carter
Summary: Jenny said in five minutes top, I would be gushing over Nick Carter, against my better judgment and/or will because heíd be the most charming, adorable, attractive man Iíll ever manage to capture on my lens.
Genre:It's supposed to be Romance, lol

Tell Me A Story, Sing Me A Song
Summary: here was silence that was beginning to chill his bones and it unnerved him, to feel this drowned and distant even though Kevin was there, just next to him. He decided silence was overrated after all...

Summary: The 10 times Nick hugged Brian, and the 1 time he didn't.

Not A Second More
Summary: Nick has one minute, not a second more.

Title:Christmas At The Artic Circle
Summary:When AJ said he wanted to find an Igloo and hopefully an Eskimo or two, Kevin was not amused. It didn't help matter any when Nick found the perfect place for the group's next great adventure...
Characters: Group
Genre: crack!fic / humor

Title: Measure of a Man
Summary: He owns a lot of things in his life, but the ones that really matter are tuck safely in his pocket.
Characters: Nick, Kevin, OMC, Group
Genre: Drama/Angst

Title: The Agent
Summary:Howie is just an ordinary guy trying to get through another day at work. But this Kevin dude, he kept insisting that Howie's The One and really, it's giving him a headache. July pic challenge over at AC board.
Characters: Howie, Kevin, Group
Genre: crack!fic, humour, AU

Title: The Art of Calling
Summary:The boys are on tour with the new album and Nick did something to make sure Kevin isn't left behind
Character: Nick, Kevin
Genre: Humour/Angst

Title: The Big Splash!
Summary:Written for AC's September Picture Challenge. They call him the Prankster for a lot of reasons.
Characters: Nick, Group
Genre: Humour/Suspense/supernatural

Title: The Quest For Ben & Jerry's
Summary:AJ McLeanís world stopped when the barrel of the gun was jabbed squarely on his friendís chest. No, his brotherís. It felt like forever, his eyes locked to that one spot, the rest of the world ceased to exist.
Characters: AJ, Nick, Group
Genre: Action/Angst

Title: Here With Me
Summary: Sequel to 'Stay With Me'. They have hours to kill in the waiting room.
Characters: Group
Genre: Drama/Angst

Fandom: Supernatural (TV Show)
Title: My Brother
Summary: It's another normal day for the hunters. Sam just bagged his first 3 headed serpent and Dean was just happy to bag anything supernatural at all. A look into the life of the Winchesters. *Spoilers all the way to end of Season 2*
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester
Genre: Drama/Angst/Schmoop

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