My Favorite Fanfic

Fight For SurvivalBy Julie & Rachel
This is the first ever story I read at fanfiction that really caught my attention. It is with this story that I was inspired to begin writing myself, and out came OTR. I owe a huge part of where I am today to them

This story is your typical misadventure story but it was beautifully written to have it stands out from the pack. The plane the boys took dived into a snowy part of earth, forgive me, it was long ago, i cant quite remember the exact location, lol. Rid of the land of the living, they only have each other to hold on to. The classic group story. You have to read it! It's so good, you'll just find yourself reading it all in one seating =)

Broken By Julie
Taken summary: Nick Carter was on top of the world. But three simple words would send him plummeting to rock bottom.

You just have to read it to find out =)

Overused plot but excellently written. It has it's own twist and turn to make it stand on its own.Brilliant!

Beautiful Girl By Mare
Don't let the title mislead you. Romance story it is not! If you want suspense and a psycho and have it filled with drama and angst, read this now!

Swollen Issues By Swenglish & Jenna
I officially award them the Nick Carter Torturers Award, lol. They set a very high standard for a Nick Carter angst story, you have to read it, AND Swollen Issues 2 & 3.

Mel's Tree By Mare [currently offline]
Okay, first up, this lady is brilliant! She's an awesome writer and an awesome friend to begin with. Mel's Tree is I believe, her first BSB AU and she excelled in it. I was hooked! It's a classic drama and a real tearjerker. The guys were brothers who had to come together after a sudden death of a family member. Also, check out the sequel, Season's of Change, that is twice as grabbing as the first one. I cant have enough good things to say about this one. If you're a drama addict like myself, this is the one for you. =)

A Tale Of Two Popstars
This is the first romance story that really grab my attention. I read it in one seating and that's saying a lot! It was very very well written, I feel like giving a standing ovation just because it's ROMANCE dood, and you know I hardly read that!

Four Letter Words By Ariel
It's a Nick/Britney story, again, another genre that I hardly read. And so far, it's leading towards romance but at where she's writing right now, anything can happen. So realistically written, she stick to actual events that ocurred in both their lives, something that grab me. Give it a try even if you dont like the pairing, it's well written, you're gonna forget everything else. Well, at least i did =)

Documentaries By Izzy HAVE to read this one! It left me with a lot of questions and a very very heavy heart after reading it. I wanted more, like a better explanation and I know I couldn't get it cause what I really want at the end of it all, are answers that the guys themselves could tell me, and you know that ain't gonna happen in this lifetime. Izzy made me forget for awhile, that it was her who penned those words, not the guys. Damn, go read,like NOW!

A Few Days In The Life of The Backstreet Boys Or Murphy Must Have Been Thinking of Nick When He Wrote Those Laws By Marly
She's like the funniest BSB author out there, I seriously think that. I laughed all the way to the last chapter and you know what's even better? She has like 4 other stories that are either equally hilarious or better than the one before. If you need a lot of laughter in your life, read this.

The Answer Is Yes By Eboni
I'm very picky when it comes to Science fiction but Eboni did everything right with this one. It's a Nick & Justin Timberlake adventure and gasp, she made Justin's character so lovable that i totally adore him in this story. Now that's saying A LOT. Nick is awesome in this one too. At first I was kinda sad that she didn't have the other BSB in it, but all was forgotten when she took me into this world that she created in this story. Totally awesome, a lot of wonderful characters and such a lovely fantasy. I read this through one seating, made me a bitch at work the next day but it's all worth it.

Parallel Universe By Cecilia
Taken summary: (AJ's point of view) Kevin, Brian and Howie come up with a plan to get Mandy out of Nick's life for good. AJ's policy is to just not get involved, but he goes along with them. He knows Nick won't deal well with the fall out and seems to be the only one willing to be there for him when he faces his problem alone.

Sorry, I cant write my own summary and not spoil the whole fic, lol. Beautiful. I love how she gets into AJ's head to tell this story. I fell in love with AJ in this one, and it's not even romance.

Journey Into Dreams By Bobbi
This story...I cant even begin to explain what this story is. It was inspired I believed from a comic book. It is science fiction but it's so full of emotion that I read this in one seating too. I don't quite know how to explain it after the end, I just felt like I wanted more, that I deserved a much better explaination for all the madness I've read in there. Go read, you'll see what I mean.

Wanna Shout By Chaos
This is a short story written with the song I Wanna Shout By Nick Carter in mind. I wish all BSB and Nsync fans could read this. It is so well thought of and written, it's one of the most beatiful short fic i've ever read. If you haven't already read this, please do, it's a form of wake up call.

Mizpah aka The Biblical Trilogy By Mare
I totally dig this one. It's suspense all the way. The first book took place right after NON and Nick was feeling distant from the guys, especially Brian. But something happened and well, it got messier than my average mishap in the kitchen for attempting to cook something nice. The best thing is, all three are done, so no cliffies whatsoever!

Ground Zero By Chaos
First of all, Chaos is a brilliant writer, and Ground Zero is, put it simply, excellent! You have to check this out even if you're not a suspense reader. So anyway, Nick was attacked and when he woke up, he was in the hospital, the problem is, he had been missing for 6 days and couldnt remember the things that took place in that 6 days. Now, the attacker is on the hunt for him again. What i totally love in story besides the obvious? Nick talks to his body parts. For real yo. Go read and you'll know what i mean!

To The Magnificent Nick Carter By Mare
Written for Nick's 24th Birthday, this short story is simply adorable. I fell in love with the entire plot and couldn't wait for my own 24th bday just so i can do what Nick did in this story. Go read and find out. I guarantee your few minutes will be well spent =)
Shoeshine By Izzy
A very light read yet still got you thinking. As always with Izzy's stories, you cant go wrong! It has a slight melancholy to it that makes me want more =)
Permanent Tracings By sweet18_2003
After sinking in to a deep depression, one of the Boys starts a terrible habit of cutting himself. He hides it well and keeps it secret from the world as well as his best friends. Will the other Boys find out on time and be able to help their friend before it is too late? (Drama/suspense Group)
Het Guasto Terre By Sage
A group of golden voiced friends. A duo of lifelong sidekicks. The seven are yanked from their world and placed into another, where they discover that even their long time friends are nothing more than strangers. The world seemed so familiar, but laid dormant and forgotten over the courses of lifetimes. Pushed into the position of ill-fated heroes, they jumble themselves up in knowledge, memories, emotions, romances, and tears. As they try to build back the foundation of memories and friendships, they find themselves on a rushing path where they must lose everything to gain the hope of the entire world.
Yesterday's Blue Skies By Just Marina
This is an AU sci fi and her very first BSB novel. It chronicals around the lives of brothers Kevin, brian and Nick, cousin AJ and family friend Howie. Told in AJ's POV, filled with tense and tons of humour, i am enjoying this ride very much.
The Apartment By Mare
A story about the time way back when Kevin, Brian and Howie used to live together. Factor in one unwanted houseguest and things get ugly!
Prevailing Fate By Nijntje & ARok Obsession
ANick has been keeping a secret from his four bandmates. When they discover what he's been hiding, they want nothing more than to help him re-write his future. Will Nick be able to? Or will fate take it's course, leaving his destiny already written and unwavering..
Prevailing Fate By Nijntje & ARok Obsession
ANick has been keeping a secret from his four bandmates. When they discover what he's been hiding, they want nothing more than to help him re-write his future. Will Nick be able to? Or will fate take it's course, leaving his destiny already written and unwavering..
More to come, I have to take a break for now, hehe...
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