On The Run
Summary: When the BSB tourbus was hijacked,it plunged into the forest leaving the boysto battle the wilderness. Will they make itout alive with the bad guys still hot on their heels?

Genre: Action/Adventure
Focus: Group (Brian's POV)

On The Run 2
Summary: A member is still having troubles putting the trauma behind him and the guys decided it was time to take a break. Hawaii, paradise on earth. But what happens if Death decides to take a vacation too? And Death's nextstop is Hawaii.
Genre:Suspense/Thriller a bit of angst
Focus: Group (AJ's POV)

On The Run 3
Summary:They say bad things come in3. They survived 2, will the third be as lucky?
Focus:BSB, Nick POV
Completed On: 10/11/04

Robbed Of Life
Summary: When he didn't make it home for thefamily dinner, the Carters knew something was wrong. He was kidnapped. But what the kidnappers took away from him changed his entire life around. They had expected a ransom, but they never expected this.
Focus: Nick, Group

Black & Bruised [written with Jeanie In A Bottle]
Summary: When they became the Backstreet Boys, everyone warned them of the hardwork and late nights, but no one told them that it could cost their lives
Status:Final update 10/6/03

Dear Nick Carter [written with Backstreet's Gal]
Summary: When is an assignment, not a homework? When you found true friendship it it.
Focus:Nick, Group
Status:This story is linked to Backstreet's Gal's site.

His Life [offline, contact me if you're interested :)]
Summary: All he wants is to be free. All she wants is to see him suffer.
Genre: Angst

The Disease[Darla]
Summary: A disease that held more than just impending deaths. He has a story to tell and secrets to reveal, will you listen?

Genre: Drama/Angst (Alternate Universe)
Focus: Nick, Group
Status: Completed 14/04/02 - 04/03/03

Summary: There's another side of me that you hardly see, in these smiles my sadness I hide, when you think that I cant do I've done it a million times, but I'm stuck in your stereotype. Now I'm offering you nothing but the truth, would you like to take a peek inside? [independent site]
Genre: Drama/Angst
Focus: Nick

Dirty Little Secrets [offline, contact me if you're interested]
Summary:They promised to keep a secret that if ever let out, will ruin their careers. But promises are meant to be broken and secrets are meant to be told. Someone is about to break the rules.
This story is hosted at Vaffel.com, click on the
title to get linked directed to the story
Genre: Adventure
Focus:Nick, Britney, Willa, Justin
Status: Completed 22/08/03

Don't Speak[hosted at Vaffel.net]
Summary:The only time when his voice mattered to save a life of a brother, he couldn't speak
*I go under the pen name mersey04*

Hernick [offline, contact me :)]
Summary:How do someone keeps emotional and physical pain inside? Nick did, and only time will show him that it could kill.
Genre:drama, angst
Focus:BSB, Nick POV
Status: Completed: August 2003

Finding Brotherhood 
Summary: Sometimes all they need is a little helping hand.
Genre: Drama/supernatural
Focus: Group
Status: Completed 29/09/03

Saving Saint Nickolas
Summary:Was he there to save or be saved?
Focus:Nick POV, BSB
Status: Completed 22/04/04

Summary: 10 years later and he still feel the pull. And this time, no one can save them. It's coming. A collaboration among 10 writers. I wrote chapter 8.

Genre:Supernatural turned thriller
Focus: Group
Status: This story is linked to Mare's site under completed stories section.

5 Backstreet Boys In Search Of A Plot
Summary:What happened when you put 3 writers together and sorta kinda force them to write a BSB fic where the characters didn't want to participate in? The result could be highly entertaining - unless you want a story that made sense.
Genre:Anything and everything is possible

Children Like Me
Summary: A chanced meeting with a stranger revealed something shocking about his life. When Nick thought he was going crazy, everything fell into place. Just who are Sam and Dean Winchester and what's this about his destiny? A BSB/Supernatural crossover fic.
Focus:Nick, Group

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