The Best Is Yet To Come By Mare

She sat at her desk in the small law office she worked in feeling unappreciated and annoyed. Today was her birthday for goodness sakes. You think her stupid boss which she had worked for at least three years of her life would even bother to give her a card or maybe a cake? Hell she would rather a small raise if nothing else.

"Ungrateful Jerk" She said louder then she meant to as a client who was waiting in the chairs gave her an amused look. She turned already feeling the red coming to her cheeks from embarassment.

Not only was today turning into a majorly crappy day but it was also hot as hell. The offices were air conditioned but wouldn't you know it, they broke down yesterday, just in time for heat wave number 2423! she started fanning herself with a magazine she picked up earlier that day. A Teen people edition where the Backstreet Boys her favorite band was featured. She tried to pay a thirteen year old to buy it for her but she just sucked it up and got it for herself! Afterall what was there to be ashamed of right?

She fanned herself with the magazine and accidentally knocked her Coffee all over her desk and spilled it onto her skirt.

"Damn!" She screamed once again causing a few heads to turn her way.

" and magazine...I just...oh never mind" She slowly slunk back into her chair and placed her head in her hands.

That's when he walked in. At first she didn't notice because she was busy burying her head in her desk but the smell, his scent wafting past her as he walked through the office made her look up.

She sat mouth a gap and in shock looking from the article she was just reading to the man standing in front of her. He was even more beautiful in person if that was possible. He smiled at her. Those beautiful blue eyes gleaming. "So handsome"

"Excuse me?" He asked laughing lightly.

She shook her head and closed her eyes, "Sorry I didn't mean to say that out loud"

"Not a problem...I was just wondering if you could help me out"

How did this happen to her she wondered as Nick Carter the man she dreamed about on a nightly basis, Nick Carter the man she danced with in her bedroom making sure to lock her spying sister out of the room before she did and Nick Carter the man she was destined to marry like so many women around the world thought, how did he end up in this place on her birthday?

"SO you think you can help me out?" She looked up at him again and he looked hopeful.

"Um....i'm sorry I didn't catch that can you say that again? Sorry I" He smiled once more. "It's no problem honey"

Honey he just called me honey!

"I was just kind of lost. I know i'm supposed to be on this street but I can't really read the signs"

"What are you doing here?"

He pretended to be offended, "Why? Am I not allowed in Singapore?"

"Oh you are more then allowed...I'm making a fool out of myself"

He bent down to her now, squatting right next to her. His blue eyes looking striaght into her brown ones. He placed his hand on her shoulder and became serious, "you aren't making a fool out of yourself" He pointed to the magazine, "I know you must be a little star struck maybe?"

"I never thought i'd meet you ever!"

"I never thought i'd meet you either um..."

"Arianna" She said smiling.

" looks like we both got lucky today" He laughed, his breath smelled like peppermint.

"Today is my birthday" She blurted out.

"Happy birthday sweetheart"

First honey now sweetheart?

"Thanks...i'll never have a better one"

"Sure you will. Whether you'd like to believe me or not Arianna" He remembered my name she thought dreamily only thing separating her from the clouds was an invisible seat belt on her swilvel chair.

"I'm just a normal guy believe me. Nothing special about me"

"I think you're pretty darned special actually" Now she felt more at ease talking to him, the jitters flying away.

"I think I am just lucky that's all"

"Well now I am lucky too" She said returning his smile with one of her own.

She knew that this moment would have to end eventually but she wished it could last forever. Maybe she could tell him the building he needed to be in was right here. "It's three doors down and to the left" She couldn't though, stupid morals!

"Oh...thanks" He said standing up, "Is there anything you want me to sign for you?" She looked around the desk frantically finding legal papers, files and some old Fanfiction yet to be read. "How about this?" She said handing him the magazine. He bent down once more and stuck his tongue out while he wrote.


Have the best birthday in the world! Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It only gets better from here!

Much love and happiness,
Nick Carter!

He handed it back to her and pocketed the pen as a souvenier. She laughed thinking it must be a BSB trait to steal pens from adoring fans.

As he got up to leave she stared at his back. What a butt! He turned suddenly and smiled noticing she was checking him out. "I forgot to do something for you" He said walking back to her.

Happy Birthday to you!

He was singing now! Actually singing just to her.

Happy Birthday to you!

The few people in the office were now all looking her way

Happy birthday dear Arianna!!!

He held out the note for a while and then got on his knees to finish the song. He grabbed a hold of her hands

Happy birthday to you!!

Then he kissed her on the cheek

The people applauded him and he bowed. Arianna was near tears but mostly ready to jump on him and never let him go.

"Thank you for helping me out and for being a fan" He winked at her and she smiled and waved at him as he walked out of the door.

She was about to sit down when not noticing what she was doing or caring to, she missed the chair by a mile and landed on the floor.

One of the guys in the office came running to her aid but she was too busy laughing to care.

He lifted her off the ground, "you okay?"

"Did you actually see him in here? Was that just a dream?" She asked him.

"No he was here alright"

She nodded and stared at his autograph. Who would she tell first? Her sister? Her best friend? Her online buddies?

Then the thought occured to her and she leaned back on her chair and smiled, "some things are best kept to myself"

She smiled again and held the magazine to her chest, forgetting all about the heat and the stupid boss.

The End!

A/n: Ungrateful jerk is something i call my boss often, i guess it rub off on her when i start whining,lol. And i do work in a law firm and i did plan to pay some 15 yr old to buy me the teen mag. Still cant find a 15 yr old that i'd actually approach, so im buying it myself [yes, i still cant find the damn mag!]. Although the whole Nick coming to my office is 100% a no-no, it's what Nick [or mare, lol] said that matters most. It only gets better from here :)

HUGE thanks mare, i really did turn 15 when i read it :) Love you!