Brian's Corner - Uncut

It’s Brian’s turn to record the journey of the Backstreet Boys for Brian’s Corner. First up, Disneyland. Here is a scene that never leaves the editing room. But lucky for us fans, this got leaked too! YAY!

Brian appeared on the screen after seconds of endless blue. His entire face filled up the screen, which shocked even Brian. You can’t see him talking because the screen was now showing the patterns on his blue shirt. You can however, hear him mumble as he adjusted the zooming of the camera. It went something like this : dang I can see my own Brain all up from my nose that way…followed by some other ramblings a human ear can’t tell.

Now the screen went back up to his face, this time not so close, just nice. He adjusted the few strands of stray hair before putting on the widest smile ever known to man.

Brian : hello there, again! (giggles) so uh, we’re here at the uh (turn sideways to look at something off camera) wet ride thingy (face the camera again)…thing. (smiles) we thought we could do a little cool off before meeting Regis & Kelly. Now if you look over…here….

*camera pans off to a rail track surrounded by gushing water looking all the way down to what seemed like a waterfall.*

Brian: *voice in the background* (whisper) oh God that’s high…*camera pans back to Brian looking a little pale* so yeah, we’re gonna take this ride and have some fun before going back to work. Our ‘train’ should be here any second now. If you look just behind me *pans camera around and settling on Kevin, Nick and Howie talking* you can see the other guys are just as excited to get on this ride.

Kevin: *determined looking* I’m taking the last seat. *looks somewhere in the distant, waiting for train to come.*

Howie: *rolling up his pants to his ankle and then the sleeves of his jacket* Will this mess up my hair? Will my gel melt?

*Brian’s voice at the back* Damn D.


Kevin: *rubbing his ear dramatically* Don’t shout dawg, if the fans heard you, we gonna have to swim our ass down from here.

Nick: Are you crazy? *looks over the edge*

(the sound of the ‘train’ came nearer and soon they saw it coming down towards them.)

Brian zoomed the camera to the train approaching.

Brian: (excitedly, you can almost see him glee) And this, kids, is our ride.

*pans back to the guys*

Nick: I’m taking second! *jumps in and got settled*

Howie: So I guess I’m third *carefully got in and frowned* man this whole thing is freaking wet!

Camera is now showing the ground. You can see Brian’s shoes and a little of his pants as he climbed into the train. You can here Nick in the background telling Howie not to be ridiculous and of course it will be wet, it’s a wet ride Howard! You can also hear Kevin talking to some of R&K crews taping the footage about last minute queries and Brian going ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus’ as he made his way into the train. You can see it was indeed wet and very small in there. In a matter of two seconds, you see the shoes being replaced by his gray pants and then his blue shirt before you meet the smiling face of Brian Littrell again.

Brian: (grinning) Miss me? (giggles) So anyways…*gets distracted and looked around him before looking down* Tell me again why I’M doing this!

Screen is now of Brian’s blonde hair as he turned around to look at the guys behind him. You can see a lot of Nick, a bit of Howie and Kevin totally hidden at the back.

Nick: *rolls eyes playfully* Cause it’s your turn Goldilocks!

Brian: *head moving* But I can’t hold this thing up! I need both hands on that handle bar!

Nick: *mocking and grinning* Don’t be such a baby, baby!

Brian: No, YOU baby! *Brian laughed as he turned back to the camera* Okay, I’m stuck with this job then. *checks out face on the screen, satisfied everything is in place and grins* Ok well, as you can see, we’re about almost ready to –

*voice in the background made Brian stopped half way*

You can hear footfalls running towards the camera and then AJ’s rushed voice took over. You can also see his blue jeans and black jacket from the corner of the screen.

AJ: Wait up! Wait up! I’m here! Save the ride! Save the ride for AJ!

*Brian pans the camera up and zoomed it on AJ. He was panting and putting on his fugly looking bean hat on.*

Nick: *Looking up at AJ* J you missed a spot.

AJ: *groping his head* Dude, where?

Nick: *waving his finger in all direction* There…to your…left

AJ: Your left or my left?

Nick: I said your left, didn’t I? *AJ touching the left side of his temple trying to push shove whatever hair into the hat.* Heh…yeah okay, that would my left, sorry. (grinning)

AJ: *annoyed* Dude come on man

You can see Howie unrolling his sleeve jacket, for those slow to catch up, you should notice his jacket is waterproof. Don’t worry, apparently, Howie was slow too. Kevin was giving AJ THE look. You can also hear Brian’s chanting of ‘don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down…

AJ finally got his bean hat settled on his head and was now brushing the invisible dirt off his black jacket.

Kevin: (sarcastically) Great, now are you all set to go AJ? Or do you need a goggle to go along with that swim hat of yours?

Nick: (giggling) Ha! That’s actually funny Kevin *turned back to look at Kevin* You have humor in you still

AJ: *rolling his eyes* Yeah Kev, how old are you again?

*Brian snickers in the background before continuing with his chants*

Kevin: That’s getting old AJ. Now get in!

Howie: *looking at AJ’s bean hat* Man, I should get me one of those before this ride, it’s waterproof right?

Brian: (laughing) Howard you’re weird

Nick: *looking at the camera and making silly faces* Hooooowwwaaarrrdddd is ccccrrrraaazzzzzyyyyyy

AJ: (confused) *You can see him looking back and forth as if something’s missing* Er guys, there’s only 4 seats in this damn thing!

The camera immediately shook, sending you visuals of Nick looking as if he’s going up and down, up and down…and then of AJ’s shoes, going back to Brian’s shoes, the group, AJ’s wife beater, the tattoos on AJ’s left hand, very clear look of his painted nails, to the ground again and then to your left where a few R&K crews were set up before it stops shaking.

You notice that Brian wasn’t in his seat anymore and now standing next to AJ.

Brian: (panting) Great! You can take my place. Here!

Camera being shoved at AJ, you’re literally smothered by his chest. Not really a bad thing considering. But before you could even yell out ‘Good God!’, the camera was shoved back to Brian and now you’re kissing Brian’s tummy. But before you could say ‘Gotta Go!’ Brian had steadied the camera back again and now you’re seeing a close up of AJ’s face.

AJ: Dude Brian, it’s YOUR corner, you gotta take it down dawg.

You can hear Kevin in the background going ‘anytime today would be great guys!’ and Howie going ‘AJ if you’re not going, gimme that bean hat of yours!’ This is the moment where Brian decided to stop zooming on AJ and turned to have the screen facing the three Backstreet boys now in the wet train.

Nick: *shaking his head* No way, this train is taking ALL of us or none of us!

Howie: Nick stop being a baby!

Nick: (frowning) I’m NOT a baby! We HAVE to take this ride together! It won’t be the same if AJ’s not in it.

Kevin: (snickers) And let him sit where? On my lap?

*Intense silence filled the air. You can hear the gravel grinding against Brian’s shoes as he shifted a little. The screen zoom out and now had all four Backstreet on tape. Nick and Howie were holding back their grins, although it wasn’t working. And if Brian holds the widest smile known to man title, AJ holds the widest grin known to man title.

Kevin, finally realizing the sudden silence in the air, studied each and everyone of them.

Kevin: (confused) What?

AJ: (almost jumping) Dude Kev, I can sit on your lap!

You can see Nick and Howie almost falling off the train and taking a swim down the rail track, laughing their way to the bottom. The screen now shaking again, from Brian’s burst of uncontrolled laughter.

Kevin: (shaking his head vigorously) HELL NO!

AJ: (jumping slightly) HELL YEAH BAYBEE!

Nick stood up and turned to Kevin. You can hear Brian gasping at the back.

Nick: I dare you Kevin!

Kevin: *frowning* You need to sit your ass back down, that’s what you need!

Howie: God Nick, you can fall!

Brian: What were you thinking!

AJ: (snickers) Nothing I bet.

Nick sat back down and shake his head.

Nick: Ya’ll need to chill man

Brian: With you pulling stunts like that, I can never chill!

AJ: *shakes head* Dude Nick, you could fall and bust your head open.

Nick: Fine, that was stupid, but you need to get on Kevin’s lap so we can get this thing moving already!

Kevin: (annoyed again) *shakes head* I say NO WAY!

AJ: I say YES WAY! I’m sitting on your lap whether you like it or not!

Kevin: No wait! We should do paper rock scissors, it’s only fair!

Brian: (laughing) count me out. I’m recording this thing, I can’t have AJ on my lap.

Howie: (nervous) Eh guys, I really, really, really don’t want people to think I’m gay okay? For some reason, I fit the bill much more than all four of you. (this is where you hear Nick said ‘cause you’re pretty’ and Brian giggling at the background) *glares at Nick and then at the screen* (this is where Brian’s giggling stopped) So I’m not doing this paper, scissors thing. Nick you battle it out with Kevin.

Nick: It’s your idea Kevin

Kevin: That was me being sarcastic! YOU were the one who’s set on having all five of us in this ride, you take him!

AJ: (looking at the screen, looking sad) Apparently, I’m getting tossed around between that blonde kid and that scary eyebrow guy now.

Brian: (laughing) So AJ, who would you prefer to sit on? (this is where you hear Nick and Kevin battling out on paper, rock & scissors. Howie announced the first to get 3 points win) Is it Kaos or Train there?

AJ: (playing it up to the camera) *thinking* Lets see…since we’re on a train, sitting on Kevin sounds like a good idea (Howie announced first point goes to Kevin. Nick said Howie sucks) then again, I’m scared of Kevin. I could go deaf sitting on Nick, cause he can never shut the heck up and you know he’s gonna yell…(Howie announced Nick won the 2nd round and now going for the tie breaker. Kevin said hold on he wasn’t ready, Nick warned Kevin not to cheat)…honestly? I say the wise choice would be Howie since we’re both small, I bet we could fit in better

Brian: But Howie got issues

AJ: (rolls eyes) Honestly? I think he just doesn’t want me to crumble his shirt or mess up his hair.

Brian: (giggling) I think he’s jealous of your bean hat

AJ: Dude you know what, I think that’s exactly IT!

Howie announced the 3rd round and official winner goes to Kevin. Brian quickly zoom over to them. Kevin was proud as he sat back down on his seat, claiming it his own. Nick scratched his head.

Nick: (lost) How in the world are we gonna fit in that dawg

AJ: (grinning still) get in there, and I’ll just jump in after you.

Howie: Why does that sound painful to me?

*Brian and Kevin laughing. Nick paled.*

AJ: I’ll make it as painless as I can Nicky *bats eyelashes*

Brian: Now I know this won’t get into the final cut.

You watch as Nick reluctantly get in his seat and looked up to see AJ already lifting his left leg when Nick suddenly yelled ‘WAIT!!’ For some reason, it caused the other guys and the crews to burst into laughter.

AJ: What now?

Nick: (fidgeting) I wasn’t ready! Give me a sec. *position self in what felt like the most comfortable way to sit* Okay (exhale) I’m good.

AJ: You know Nick *one leg in the cabin, Nick tried to move back but has nowhere to go* if we’re doing IT, it should be painful for me, not you…*place another leg in*

Nick: Shut up AJ

Kevin: Is it safe to have 2 people in this thing? *looks around*

Nick: Too late to be asking that now!

Howie: (almost singing) Nick has his own booty smacker…bootttaayyy

Brian: And you wonder why people think you’re gay!

Howie: (looking directly into the camera) Brian shut up and get in this thing

AJ: Okay, I’m going down now Nick, is the family jewel safe?

The camera shook again from Brian’s laughter. Howie and Kevin were doing cat whistles.

Nick: If you fart, I’m throwing you out *AJ sat on Nick’s lap.* Damn AJ, you need to eat!

AJ: What?

Nick: I bet I can carry you on my back!

Brian got back in his seat, you can see the familiar wet seat, his shoes, his gray pants, his blue shirt and then his face, which is growing pale again. You see him mumbling about his rotten luck, the fear of height and why he was doing this in the first place. And then Brian check himself out from the camera, found something on his hair and tried to brush it off. Once satisfied, he put on a wide smile for the camera.

Brian: (psyching himself out) Okay, this is the real shot. This one WILL get on Brian’s corner for sure. 1…2…3…(exhale) Hi, this is Brian and we’re now at Disneyland, about to shoot our first live, TV performance after 5 years, on Regis & Kelly. But before that, we guys thought we’d take a little ride and enjoy Disney and we would like to take you guys in on the ride with – someone yelled and Brian groaned.


Howie and Kevin laughing at the back, AJ protecting his head from being smacked by Nick.

AJ: Sorry dude! I didn’t mean to move!

Nick: Man that hurts!

AJ: Dude I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it! Stop hitting me!

Nick: *still hitting AJ on his shoulder* Hit you? I want to KILL you!

Brian turned back to his camera and sighed. He rolled his eyes when the bickering at the back didn’t stop and it didn’t help at all that Howie and Kevin seemed to be enjoying it as well. Sighing, he shook his head and reached for the stop button.

Brian: Damn it guys, the battery is almost out and we still haven’t move from here! And I’m to freak out right now, you realize how high up we are? AJ stop fidgeting and –

You’re met with a blue screen again, end of transmission.

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