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~*~About Me~*~

Hey name is Meredith. I just turned 16 on April 1st. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and uhm...I'm like 5'3 or somewhere close to that. I'm going into 11th grade at the worst school in the whole world. I'm so glad its summer! Even though I really dont do much b/c I have to babysit a lot. I listen to any kind of music basically...but its been mostly bands like: Saves The favorite right now, MXPX, Mest, The Get Up Kids, The Ataris, New Found Glory, Allister and more.

I'm easy to get along with as long as you dont piss me off. Once you make me mad to the point where I dont like you anymore...its all over with. But most people love me. I'm known for being crazy and goofy. People say my laugh is weird...not a bad weird...just weird. And I make a lotta weird noises too, they just come outta nowhere...I make em when I get bored. I'm the kind of person thats shy at first, but once you get to know me I'm crazy and do whatever and just dont care what you think.

I'm single...which really kinda sucks. But I'm not looking for a boyfriend...I dont need the stress. I've got enough as it is.

Ok...I'm done now. If you wanna know what goes on in my life daily (which you probably dont) check out the Xanga page. Email me if you wanna know anything else. Or IM me. If you dont know my sn...well then thats too bad huh?


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