The Alice Saga - A long-running story that tells of the trials and tribulations of a plump high school cheerleader andher battle of wills both with her overbearing mother and her snotty teammates, the Alice saga was co-written by Blind King of All He Sees and includes input from various other concerned citizens in the community.
Return of the Revenge of the Bride of the Son of Alice - I don't like this one that much. Here, Alice acts totally out of character from the way she is in every other installment. Usually she's more ambivalent about her corpulence, longing to stay thin while also eating anything she wants. And half the time she's in denial that she's gained anything at all.
Alice 3: A New Hope An improvement over installment 2. The only downside is that Alice ends this segment considerably smaller than the last one. We do get to meet Jen and Laurie, though, and I expect big things from them. Co-written by Blind King of All He Sees.
Alice 4: Judgment Day - Cowritten by Blind King of All He Sees.
Alice 5: The Smell of Fear Co-written by Blind King of All He Sees.
Alice 6: The Lost World
Alice 7: Bigger, Longer & Uncut - Written by Blind King of All He Sees.
Alice 8: Electric Boogaloo
Alice 9: Goldmember
Alice 10: The Last Crusade - This was actually supposed to be the first half of alice 10, leading up to some really spiffy scenes suggested by Rogue! But then I realized that it was already long enough to qualify as a chapter in its own right, so here it is. And I used the word "spiffy" there specifically because I know that it irks Rogue!^_^
Alice 11: Alice's Mom is a Skinny Little Bitch - Yes! It is! Part 11!
Alice 12: Season of the Witch - Woohoo, finally done! It's Alice 12, though it might also qualify as Amber 5. It's crossover extravaganza time!!! Again, special thanks to the Id for his superb editing skills in making this the bestest bit yet.:)
Alice 13: Jason Takes Manhattan - Wow! Look at this! I wasn't planning to do any more work on the ALice saga for a little while as I concentrated on other projects, but good ole Rogue came to the rescue. Rogue wrote most of this story - I pretty much did nothing but tweak it a little and add some description - and it's excellent. A big thank you to Rogue from all of us here at the site! Hip hip hooray!:)
Alice 14: Farewell to the Flesh - Actually, kind an appropriate subtitle this time! The continuing adventures of Alice, Heather, and Amber at fat camp...
Alice 15: The Edge of Reason - About time too!:)
Alice 16: The Undiscovered Country - A dual work!
Alice 17: The Quest for Peace - more!
Alice 18: Evolution - More! With some good help from another writer
Alice 19: Hellbound - Jen and Laurie star this time round. I have more written about them and their evil plotting, but I figure this will help tide people over for now. Sorry about the loooong delay:(
Alice 20: The Empire Strikes Back - More Jen and Laurie...not my best work, but I've been having some terrible writer's block..I hope this is sufficient for now:(
Alice 21: First Blood - I like this one, I think it's one of my better installments. Several people helped out by writing passages, but I'm afraid I can't remember who. Step up and take a bow, so I can give you some credit if it was you:) Delightfully illustrated by Vader7476! I like it lots:)
Alice 22: Curse of the Black Pearl - You've probably seen it elsewhere, but might as well post it here too. Again, delightfully illustrated by Vader7476!
Alice 23: The Dark Knight - Kinda explicit, so be warned!

Amber - This one's pretty old. More vulgar than most of my stories, the tale of Amber actually includes some swearing. Amber is a young lesbian who meets the girl of her dreams when she first moves away to college. Strange, surreal, rambling, jumbled, and ultimately inconclusive- was there a sequel planned? Did I fall asleep mid-sentence? We may never know! Also noteworthy is that this story proves that I have absolutely no clue about how real lesbians act. I'm not usually a fan of lesbian stories. They'tr always so...obviously written by guys. But I was trying to branch out. And it's piece of crap, but what do you expect from a free site?
Amber 2- A hodge-podge sequel of sorts to Amber. I had something much better written but a computer crash wiped out half of the story and, seeing as how it's already 4 a.m. as I write this, I don't have the energy to remember what I wrote. You can pretty much guess which parts should have been longer and more descriptive, but I'll make up for it by trying harder on future installments:)
Amber 3- I said I'd try harder and I'm true to my word:) Sure, I wrote this one in a night but I still think it's better than number 2. More coherent. Amber and Sally visit the mall to buy new clothes. Easy enough to follow. I tried to incorporate some of the suggestions that people emailed me, so hopefully it's turned out okay.
Amber 4- It's Amber 4!
Amber 5- It's Amber 5, guest written! I've always had trouble writing the Amber stories, because they don't have any real emotional depth to them...there's no drama, no conflict, nothing but me writing the really waaaaay over the time, ridiculous sort of thing that I sometimes get a hankering for when I'm feeling really...evil. I like this, because the author really brings the human touch to the series!
Amber 6 - Amber 6, by a guest writer!

Heather- A short one but I like it. Heather is a petite girl who despairs of ever having huge, womanly breasts. Her chubby friend Shelly gives her some advice that doesn't quite work out to the ends that she'd expected. This story is pretty much a straight butt growth story, no stuffing or other wg or anything else, so it's a departure for me. But I still like it.
Heather 2 - Short and to the point. Heather begins to gain weight all over. So much so, that Shelly begins to get suspicious of her new boyfriend...
Heather 3 - Heather and Shelly start gaining some serious weight in this third installment, co-written by Rogue. It's the best so far and reeeeally long!:)
Heather 4 - Just in time for Christmas, here's the fourth installment of the Heather story. Once again, it's co-written by Rogue (He did all the good bits) So what happens here? Shelly and Heather gain even more weight than last time. Fun for all!
Heather 5 - Sorry about this, someone just told me that I totally forgot to post this. And after going and shooting my mouth off on the front page, I feel pretty darn stupid about this! Anyhoo, this latest chapter is co-written by myself and JC. It also contains the very first sex scene I've ever done, so if you like your stories totally PG, don't read this! Otherwise, enjoy:)
Heather 6 - A bit naughty so beware!

Megan 1 - Special thanks to Rogue for the idea to this story! Megan is a lazy college student who becomes a TA for a cooking course, thinking she'll get some easy credit. But it turns out to be harder work than she'd expected... (Yes, there will be more to this one!)
Megan 2- It's another Megan story. Again, not my best work, but I tried hard! Time's limited right now so it's a mirale I even got anything done:)
Megan 3 - The conclusion!

Roxy - Just a short, single-shot story I banged out really quickly, using some of the suggestions people have sent me. I know I say this about a lot of my stories, but this one's really not that great. Still, it's fun and I like it. Roxy's a party girl who has an embarrassing adventure one night. Oooo, intriguing!

Holly 'n' Sherry Stuck Fast - Another stuck story, this time with TWO girls! Based on a reader request:)

Wendy - Something a little different. A short, one-shot about a model who gets married to a rich fellow who spoils her rotten. What's so different about it? Well, I guess you could say it's tribute to my favorite wg author, The Admirer, because it's written in his style. Just not as well, because nobody could ever copy his style and be anywhere near as good as him!! He rules! But I'd rather call it a tribute than an unabashed rip-off:) Yet another reader request.

Tia - I wasn't going to post this until after I'd finished another Alice chapter but, you know, delays. Also, with that little bit o' DRAMA on the poll, I just couldn't resist. Of course, maybe this'll just encourage more pissy people to post but whatever! So here's a short story. It's something different, a force feeding story. So if you like that, enjoy. If not, then don't read it^_^ Could it be? Yes! Another reader request:)

Rita - Ummm....not a really great story, but I wrote it, so I figured I'd toss it up. No real wg or stuffing or anything, just tight clothes. Originally about a pregnancy, completely ignored the moral ramifications of that, rewritten so as not to be totally distasteful.

Mandy- Mandy tries to diet to please her no-account boyfriend, gets some help from a rather sadistic friend. Odd. What a bitch!

Jenna - Jenna's roommate thinks she'd look better with some extra flesh and decides to take matters into her own hands. Secret fattening, lesbian overtones, a nasty rival boyfriend, and a big girl getting stuck under a bed. All that fun stuff I love^_^ Only a single shot, but I suppose it leaves room for a possible sequel someday. Special thanks to Id for his awesome editing skills!:)
Jenna 2 - Woot! The Owl wrote a worthy sequel to Jenna. This should be on "Other People's stories" page, but I thought it should go next to the original.

Trish - Yet another single shot. Not really a WG story, just straight stuffing. This is the sort of thing that I really like, a slim girl just binging like crazy. Fun:) Again, thanks to Id for his great editing job!

The Twins' Tantrum - By myself and Datadrain. Ksasie and Kelly are two twiggy twin sisters who can't stand each other - because everything thinks they look the same. Well, they decide to remedy that in a way that I think we'll all enjoy...

Sophie - A quick vignette I did on the spur of the moment a while ago. It's weird how I'm more comfortable writing straight wg than lesbian wg. Does this make me some sort of reverse slash writer?:) Anyway, this is short but sweet. It made me happy inside!

Nadine: a scrap - I started this story but hit some awful writer's block and just gave up. It's the story of a nasty bully of a girl who gets her just desserts. Just use your imagination to fill in the missing bits.

Lucy: Another scrap - Another unfinished vignette. I never get inspired to finish it, but I hope folks like what's there.

Laura is Laura - This one IS done! It's an old ld story, one of my very first, back before I was writing as Mollycoddles. You may have seen it before. I just found it in a lost folder and thought you mihgt like to see it.