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Ummmm...'kay. Hi, I'm Mollycoddles and this is my site. Nothing much here yet but there might be more here in the future. I'm an infrequent writer of FA fiction, but I try my best. I guess my claim to fame is that I started the ball rolling with the "Alice Saga." I've written a number of other stories, currently lost in the recesses of the memory of my computer... I'll post them as I rediscover them. I tend to write when I'm half-asleep, in the wee hours of the morning, after pulling all-nighters writing school papers and what-not. So that should explain the highly variable quality of these offerings. Umm....yeah. So check back later and I'll have more stuff for ya! - Our forum!

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Anyway, feel free to contact me with anything - comments, criticisms, suggestions - at or else aim me at mcoddles.

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