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*In order to preserve the wishes of the typewriter we have decided not to fix any of the numerous errors. Try to ignore them. If you can't, like if you are an English teacher or spelling bee champion or someone special like that, then you probably should find a safer webpage to read.

What happened to Dominick???

A mystery story

"NO you can't say 'What happened to Dominick!'" Dominick said "Can you put dinosaurs in it?"

"No I cannot put dinosaurs in it." said Mary

"I tricked you, you just put dinosaurs in it."

"I did not put dinosaurs in it."

"Yes you did."

"I refuse to say dinosaurs."

"Too late"

"Who's writing this, me or you?"

Dominick left and Mary started over, a completely dinosaur free story.

So here it is my dinosaur free story. I promise that I will not say dinosaur anywhere in this story.

"Where's the mystery?" Dominick said.

"Who's writing this story, me or you?"

It was a dark and kind of stormy night. There were no dinosaurs in sight. Mary was relieved.

"Why can't you put dinosaurs in it?"

"I told you it was a dinosaur free story now leave me alone so I can finish it."

As I was saying, it was a complety dinosaur and Dominick free day.Somewhere a church bell was ringing nine o'clock,muted by the thick fog.

"Why nine?"

"Because that's what time it was."

"Was that how many dinosaurs there were?"

"NO there were no dinosaurs."

"Then why nine?"

"Because its spooky."

"Dinosaurs are spooky."

"Not as spooky as church bells and fog."

"Is this the mystery? Where did the dinosaurs go? I think thats better than What happened to Dominick."

"Who's writing this, me or you?"

As I was saying it was a really spooky, dinosaur and dominick free night, and the church was ringing nine o'clock through the fog.



"How did you know it was nine o'clock if the fog made it soft?

"I just knew."

"Is that the mystery?"


"Then what was the mystery?"

"THe mystery was that Dominick went to play with the dinosaurs That's what happened to Dominick. Are you happy now?"

"Yup, thanks Mary."

"NO problem, Dominick."

The end.

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