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*In order to preserve the wishes of the typewriter we have decided not to fix any of the numerous errors. Try to ignore them. If you can't, like if you are an English teacher or spelling bee champion or someone special like that, then you probably should find a safer webpage to read.

The Scary Thing that happened

(Trust me, it was really scary.
I mean REALLY scary! NO, I'm
not exagerating, it was Really
REALLY scary, oh alright, so
it wasn't really THAT scary,
but it was close.)

One day I went up to my mom and said; "Mom, cxn I play with your typewriter?" and my mom said "Huh?" and I said "can I play with the typewriter?" and my mom said "What? oh, sure." So I started to type. (NO that's not the scary thing yet...Yes! It's coming, be patient and listen to the story or I'll just skip the scary part." So then I typed the title and I needed help fixing the typewriter and I said " MOm can you help me fix 6thet typewriter?" and she said "HUh?" and I said "can you help me fix the typewriter?" and she said, "What? oh, sure" and then she forgot about me so I kept typing. (No the scary part is no coming yet...No my mom was not the scary part and I'm gonna tell hr you said that, see if she buts Dr. Pepper for you ever again, she's on the warpath now, her medicine says it makes people irratable so you better watch out...What?m No that threat was bnot teh scary part, would you let me tell the story? Thank yoiu.) so it was a whlile later and I was just blabbing away in the title so I said "Mom could you please help me?" so she came over and said "Why are you using the typewriter?" and I said "Mom you told me I could." and my mom said okay and fixed the typewriter so I kept typing( No! That wasn't the scary part! Did that sound scary to you?...Well you try writing a scary story sometime, it's not as easy as it looks... well, fine, be that way! I'll just stop my story here without even saying the scary part... NOpe, toolate, I've made up my mind. Next time maybe you'll think before you interupt the story) And the REALLY, REALLY, REALLY scary thing happened and everyone was really scared 'cause it was really really scary. The end. (So there).

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