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*In order to preserve the wishes of the typewriter we have decided not fix any of the numerous errors. Try to ignore them. If you can't, like if you are an English teacher or spelling bee champion or someone special like that, then you probably should find a safer webpage to read.

The story of magic rabbit and his escape from the clutches of the evil fortress of death that was ruled by the giant fire eating dragon who always began every story he told with excruciatingly long titles

once upon a time in a dark and slimy rabbit hole (as rabbit holes tend to be) there lived a a creature who was so crude, rude, and evil that all the innocent if not quite intelligent small furry creatures of the forest shook with fear at the mention of it's very name. This creature caused the wind to run away when he poked his head from his hole. Legend has it that the last time he came completly out of his hole was in 1968 and this action is beleived to be the direct cause of the great eclipse that happened simultaneously withan inexplicable black out that left all of the major village of lesser mesopotamia without power for weeks and completley cripple all politics of that area as it was their election that only comes once every hundred years and so without the power of electronic voting booths they were left with voting ballots that nobody could read becauseall the power was out and the sun was eclipsing (as those who have been paying attention to the story already know.)

Now at this time living near this terrifyingly dark and dank rabbit hole was a delightfull summer cottag4e that was decorated in shades of violet withdarker purple trim that matched the dishes. The curtains were a lovely orchidand gave the hole house an air of mystery and deceit that gave only a hint at the dark secrets the house held. Oh, I'm sorry, I slipped into another story. This cottage was actually quite lovely and it's air of cheerinness helped to chase away the doom and gloom of the rabbit hople we have previously discussed. In this cottage live a cheerefull magic bunnyrabbit who was no relation to the creature in the rabbit hoole (although he may actually have been a sitand third cousing, the magic rabbit had never been too interested in genealogy and his family tended to be rather large.)

One day the magic rabbit ( who was known by his friends as "Pool cue", a name he did not particularly care for ans so we willnot mention again) heard through conversations at the local pub (please note that this rabbit only drank coke with a twist of lime, he was not one of those rabbits) that there was a beautiful princess who was being help prisoner by by an evil wizard. The magic rabbit set out at once to help the princess although admittedly it was none of his bunny business.

The Magic rabbit hopped all day. Then he hopped all day again. the he hopped all nith. Then he stopped at a pub to catch up on the news and have a drink (coke with lime again, just because he was on a quest did not mean he was bout to give up his values.) Then he hopped all day. Then he hopped. all night. Then he hopped until midmoring when he stopped at a local church for mass. Then he kept hopping. Eventually he got the large tower wheree the princess was suppoisdly being held. He knock on the door and do his great surprise the door opened to reveal his college roomate.

"Hey! I'm surprised to see you here!" said the magic bunny.

"Yeah it's been a while." said the evil wizard.

"So I heard you 've got a princess held here." said the magic rabbit.

"Oh, yeah. Melanie. We just got married last month. She's very funny and she's got a great docorating sense. Not as good as yours though." said th evil wizard.

"Thanks. Can I meet her?" asked the magic rabbit.

"Sure, come on in. Would you like a drink?" asked the evil wizard.

"Sounds great." said the magic bunny as he hopped inside.

"Do you still drink with coke with a twist of lime?" asked the evil wizard as he closed the door.

"Of course. I'm not one of those rabbits."

"of course not. Melanie! You won't beleive who's here! It's my old friend pool cue from college!" said the evil wizard.

"please don't call me that. I'm just the magic rabbit now." said teh magic rabbit.

"Hello said Melanie as she came into the room. "It's very nice to meet you I've heard some pretty wild stories about your dorm room. I'm sure glad to meet you at last."

"It's nice to meet you too." said the magic rabbits; "

They talked for a long time and stayed up all night sharing old inside jokes. In the morning the magic rabbit set out for his house, but he was very tired form that late night and the caffiene form all the coke he had drunk egan to where off as he missed the exit off his path to the cottage and instead took the next exit towards the evil fortress of death. ( Normally he would have notice at least the nickel difference in the toll but maybe the lime juice had disoriented him.) Before he know what was going on the magic rabbit had reached the evil fortress of death.. He was able todistinguish this form his own cottage because teh house was a green reminiscent of the 1960s with horribly contrasting orange curtains. Suddenly the magic rabbit was surrounded by the claws of the giantfire eating dragon.

"Hi" said the dragon "do you want to hear a story?"

"I guess so, said the magic rabbit who was still not really awake.

"This is the storyof the magic kerttle that always brewed tea that was madewith freshly picked jasmine flowers and the tea was often served with honey cakes but one day the kettle ran out of steam and had towalk across the magic jungle to find the only thing that could help him which was mystic-al spring water. Would you like to hear it?"

"Sure" said the magic rabbit. So he listened to the story and several other like it until he fell asleep and then he woke up and the dragon was a sleep and then he hopped back to the path tohis right exit and went home and slept in his own bed under a soft violet comforter.

The end.

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