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The story of the day that Joanne decided not to go to work

One day Joanne got out of bed feeling very tired.

"I don't think I'll go to work today" said Joanne. The dog perked up his ears because he was a spoiled dog and he thought everyone was talking to him unless they were yelling and then he was certain that they must be talking to the other puppy because I would never do anything bad that they would yell at me so. The dog did not of course say anything back to Joanne, he had been taught not to talk back to adults.

Joanne decided that instead of going to work she would stay home and relax, because she was very tired. First Joanne decided to make herself a luxerious breakfast. She went to the kitchen and looked in the refridgerator to see what she could make.

"I think I'll make myself a nice fried egg." said Joanne. The dog didn't say anything. then Joanne's kids came in the room.

"Mom!" they all shouted, because Joanne's children did not know how to speak quietly. "Mom! will you make us eggs too! We don't like fried eggs why don't you make an omelet. It will be easier to make a large omelet." And so Joanne sighed and made an omelet and she put it on a plate and turned back to the stove to set the frying pan down. When Joanne turned around again the omelet was gone and in it's place stood a pile of dirty dishes. Joanne sighed and tried to make herself a fried egg but there were no eggs left and so Joanne had ot eat a bowl of Count Chocula cereal which tasted like goopy brown sugar in milk.

Next Joanne thought she would watch some TV. She couldn't find the remote control so she had to keep getting up to change the channels. Then she saw that someone had disrupted all the cushions on the couch and so she had to fix all the cushions before she sat down.

Then Joanne's son called and said he had forgotten his math book.

Then her daughter called for a ride home.

Then her husband called to ask what was for dinner.

Then she brought the math book.

Then she picked up the daughter.

Then she bought dinner.

Then she brought the daughter somewhere.

Then she picked the son up then she picked the husband up then she made dinner then she picked the daughter up then she brought the son somewhere. Then she picked the daughter up again because she wasn't ready the first time then the picked the son up.

Then she cleaned up after the dog who didn't really care because she was yelling and she must have been talking to some other dog because he would never do anything wrong.

Then Joanne went to bed.

The next morning Joanne woke up feeling very tired.

She was so tired that she decided to go to work instead of staying home.

The end. or is it?

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