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The Dark Portal

One Halloween night it was Friday the 31st with a full moon. Stephen was at his friend Joe Shmoe’s house. They were having a sleepover party. Stephen was not having the best time because he was worried about his dog, Dusty, who had disappeared the day before. Well, they went to the room they would be staying in. It was a big room with purple wallpaper. They couldn’t believe what they saw! It was filled with toys. All over the room were toys. "Mom!" yelled Joe. Unfortunately, they had forgotten that Joe’s little brother, Bob, was having a sleepover, too. Joe’s mom came into the room. "Bob!" yelled Joe’s mom. Bob came into the room. "Frankie!" yelled Bob. Frankie came into the room. "Hey, now there’s no one for me to yell for," said Frankie. "Which means you have to pick up these toys so Stephen and Joe can sleep there," said Joe’s mom. "That’s okay Ms. Shmoe, we’ll just sleep over at my house," said Stephen. "I’ll get my stuff," said Joe.

When Joe came back Joe and Stephen got ready to go. They went outside into the night. "I wish Dusty was home waiting for me," said Stephen. "I wonder where she went," said Joe. Just then they heard a rustling in the bushes next to where they were walking. They looked in the bushes but nothing was there. "Weird," said Joe. They started walking again when they heard someone behind them. They twirled around and there was Dusty! "Dusty!" said Stephen. Then they noticed a guy walking him. That’s when they saw the humongous planet-like ship hovering just above the earth. "So that’s why everyone has been running around screaming their heads off," said Joe. All of a sudden Dusty started to grow and transform into a vampire! "Dusty!" cried Stephen. "Hello Stephen," said Dusty. "Now please get me away from Darth Vader and his Death Star," he cried. The guy who was walking Dusty waved his hand and a giant hole ripped open in the air. The hole was sucking things into it. "Joe, I am your father," said Darth Vader (the guy walking Dusty). "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" yelled Joe as he and Stephen and Dusty got sucked into the portal.

All of a sudden they were in the land of Wagodagoedago. They knew this because they were sitting in front of a sign that said, "Welcome to Wagodagoedago, population: anything that gets sucked into Darth Vader’s portal." They sat up and saw another sign. It read, "One way in, one way out. No one knows the password, though it’s only 3 words. Only one way to get out." Joe, Stephen and Dusty looked around and saw the two signs, some torn out trees, some broken benches, pieces of some brown stuff, some globs of purple slime, blue liquid, what looked like an army of demented squirrels, demented chipmunks, demented rabbits, and demented prairie dogs. They looked down and saw they were sitting in some of the purple slime. Then they noticed that the trees, broken benches, and the brown stuff were actually animal type things. Then they saw a nut and carrots in the middle of the squirrels, the chipmunks, the rabbits and the prairie dogs. The rabbits and chipmunks were fighting against the squirrels and the prairie dogs for the food. The weird thing was the rabbits were in giant robot suits with lasers and jetpacks, the chipmunks were in mini spaceships, the squirrels had hovercrafts, and the prairie dogs had a futuristic version of bazookas. "This place is weird," said Stephen. They started walking towards the fighting animals. "Maybe they can help us," said Dusty. They started walking towards the fight. Just when they were close enough to ask a rabbit if it could help them, Joe accidentally kicked a nut. All the fighting animals froze. All of a sudden a wall came into the "world." The animals cornered Joe and blasted him to pieces. Quickly, the creatures that looked like trees came and started feasting on his remains. Then they cornered Stephen and Dusty. They powered up their lasers and bazookas and-

All of a sudden, Dusty woke up. She went to her water bowl for a drink. Then she went back to sleep.