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Which Zdrojewski Christmas Are You?

Those wacky Z's! Their Christmas is never the same - and this year they just can't decide:
which Christmas should they have?

Which Zdrojewski Christmas are you?

1. What is the best part of Christmas?

Watching "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."
The family coming home and being together.
Getting together with friends again and catching up on their news (and the down home cooking).
Caroling for old people - it's nice to have another excuse to sing "Do You Hear What I Hear," even if they can't.
Getting to the elves to rebel against the oppressive force of Santa to give control of the Pole back to the People - let's have a Socialist Christmas this year.

2. What is the worst part of Christmas?

Falling down icy stairs.
Worrying about driving conditions.
When it's over; there aren't nearly enough Candlemas carols.
The disgusting display of commercialism in the Capitalist market, and the lack of compassion for fellow man in stores.

3. What's your favorite Christmas food and/or beverage?

Rude Shirley (Mountain Dew with chery juice, and one or two cherries thrown in for looks - pass it on).
Something that takes a long time to prepare - meanwhile, at least there's radio.
Cinnamon biscuits with Sweet Tea.
Cookies, cookies, and more cookies.
Cheese ball, crackers, and a glass of wine.

4. What's your favorite Christmas song?

No Place Like Home for the Holidays.
Jingle Bells, y'all.
Silent Night.
Oi To The World by The Vandals, Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight), by The Ramones, Merry X-Mas (War Is Over) as performed Acceptance, or Feed The World (Do They Know It's Chrismas) as performed by Far featuring Chino Moreno.
Christmas Medley (i.e., all of them)

5. Your Christmas card reads:

Joy to the world.
May your family have a peaceful and joyfilled Holiday.
Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards Men.
Hope you're enjoying your winter weather, it's all sunny down here. Happy Christmas, y'all.
Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings to Bill O'Reily. (take that conservative right)

6. When the yearly freak snow storm occurs, you:

Get out the bread machine - to make cinnamon rolls and maybe more cookies or some pizza dough.
Put the CD on repeat and plow through - but not literal plowing.
Complain about the local government's lack of plowing, then fantasize about a world where the people control the means of plowing.
Don't go anywhere or leave the house - just wait until 9 AM when it all melts.
Bunker down for a long winter nap.

7. If you were suddenly confronted with a lost reindeer, you would:

Set him free, then blame PETA or the Animal Liberation Front when the authorities start asking questions.
Sing through their names until you figure out which one he is (you know Dasher and Dancer and...)
Feed it some grits.
Point him toward MapQuest.
Take a digital photo and e-mail it to everyone I know - maybe with some clipart holly and a cute quote.

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This quiz is just intended for fun. Please don't take us seriously.