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Urban Legend indeed...

May your holidays be legendary.

The Zdrojewski family plans to divide their time in 2005 between
organizing clean-up crews for the Chadakoin River and writing angry
letters to saying, "What do you mean no person
has ever really gotten caught in plastic soda rings?"

Start a new adventure.

In every pothole there is hope...

This holiday season, don't let the nuts run you down.

The Zdrojewski family plans to spend 2005 celebrating every nutty
holiday (National Cashew Day, National Chocolate-covered Cashew Day,
National Peanut Day, etc.) now that they have a lifetime supply
of nuts thanks to their lawsuit with Planters.

Start a new adventure.

We're dreaming of a white Christmas...

May all your Chrismasses be white, unless you're driving.

The Zdrojewski family plans to spend 2005 lobbying for global warming.
Either that, or next year your card will come from Tempe, Arizona.

Start a new adventure.

May the spirit of Christmas fill your heart throughout the year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Zdrojewski family.

The Zdrojewski family plans to spend 2005 updating their websites
(shameless plug for Joanne's and Mary's haunted typewriter)
and thinking up a zany Christmas card for next year.

Start a new adventure.