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Update!!! Aug/31/02 I made a chatroom for the Orange Army. Go look at it.
Quote of the Month "Someday the dream will end, we'll wake up and realise we've wasted our lives." - Malachy

Hello and welcome to Malachys web stories. A place for my friends, and the people of the web to post original stories, fanfics, poetry, artwork, and music. Maybe you could get known here and become famous. Send all stories, poetry, art and music(midi/wav files) to the email address at the bottom of the screen. Most of this is alright for all ages but some things may not be for children. I will put up warnings on stuff not for all ages. And remember, NEVER use any of the stuff on my site without the owners permission. Just email me and I'll ask them for you or give you their email address to work it out. Good luck.



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