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The Test Of Theodasas Valinstan

Nearly fifteen years had passed from Tizianna's death, when Theodasas decided that it was time for him to visit the Mages Quarter to study in more depth. Daylian, though dubious, granted him permission to take an escort and go pursue his love of magic, in surroundings more suitable. In truth, Daylian had never truly believed Theodasas' version of what happened in the woods that day, choosing, instead to believe that Theo had raise the creatures himself and set them on his sister, then used the tales of a cleric named, Haythm as a clever cover up. Especially as none of the bounty hunters had ever found any trace of Haythm Faber.

Theo, of course, knew what his father thought. He had read his mind on more than one occasion and he also knew what the seer Hatras had predicted. His father thought of it each time he looked at Theo.

Officially, neither of the twins had been told of the prophecy and Kila still lived in perfect ignorance of the fact.. Theo only had to look in his fathers face to see his part in it - over and over and over again. This had bred a hatred within Theodasas. (to be continued)