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Jareth And Kezia Valinstan

       Jareth Valinstan.

Life for Jareth started in a whirl of confusion. Soon after his birth, Kila had taken the twins to a "baby shower" down at the local inn, so that she could show them off to all her friends there.

One of her friends was a bard called Bianna would had just lost her own baby boy, and unknown to most of her friends was still not able to come to terms with the fact that he was gone. Still in shock, she saw Kila's baby and was convinced that it was the one that she had lost. Whilst Kila and Garren were distracted, Bianna picked up the little boy and left the Tavern with him. 

Kila went frantic when she realized that her son was gone. It was soon clear who had taken him but it was a case of finding him that caused the problem. Jareth, although telepathic, had very good shields and Kila was unable to track him like she could Kezia.

Kila, Garren and their friends set out to find Bianna and try to convince her to give the baby back. However an old adversy had discovered that Jareth was no longer under Kila's protection. He tracked down the barddess and, with a little help from his sidekick Electra, he took the baby from her. He hoped that Jareth would be a good hostage and bring both the father and mother within his grasp. Haran had been wrong. When Bianna told Kila what had happened Kila laughed. She was not overly upset and it was soon to be seen why.

Jareth had been an unusually gifted child. When developing in the latter stages of Kila's pregnancy, he had learnt a of the spells that she cast and that gave him an advantage when he was kidnapped by Haran. (see Kidnapped for the posts on what happened next) (it was the only time that i have EVER god moded and that was because Haran was not supposed to take the baby. He believe that it was an non player character but it was actually a character that my brother was going to play.)

Kila wanted to be sure that her children were safe before tackling Haran so she used up a lot of time and energy making a portal to send the children though. During the casting though the portal split and one child went one way and the other went a different route.

Jareth was found by a group of monks that took him in. However these monks worshipped chaotic gods and soon Jareth was enthralled by the power that the guards and the mages of the abbey held. He began his tutorage in the dark arts and sword fighting by the legendary black guard Ellamis Stormcaller.

Jareth, like his mother and his uncle before him, was a very fast learner in magic, but he found more delight in welding a sword. The knowledge that he could spare someone's life or lopped their heads off at a whim of his choosing, appalled to his sardonic humour and the arrogance bred within his soul.. Ellamis taught him that to be a truly great dark knight, he must be good with both the sword and magic and soon Jareth was been shown the basics in Necromancy. However Jareth always preferred to get his hands dirty, fighting on foot rather than on horse back, (his predecessors always preferred horseback. Jareth had once said that that was true arrogance. it was also, he said a great way to get you legs chopped off REAL quick.)

Ellamis reported on Jareth's progress often, suggesting that although Jareth was receiving training well, he could never be put in charge of others. He had a "lone wolf nature and a vigilantly style that caused him to make decisions that would probably kill a lot of people."

Time passed quicker in this realm than in Kila's and though the situation where she was was cleared up within months, when she found Jareth, she found him to be 22 years old, 

Kila found Kezia with relative ease, but Jareth was nowhere to be seen. realizing what must have happened she scoured round for him everywhere and eventually found him in mid fight with a band of orcen liken creatures. She watched in amazement as he took them all out single handedly. She spent two days there, talking with both Jareth and Ellamis.

Jareth, at first refused to go anywhere with her, believing that she was a trickster and a fraud. He had always believed his mother to be dead. After a heated argument with Ellamis and the elders of the abbey he decided that maybe it was time to move on, even if Kila was a fraud, her realm was probably better than where he was at the moment.

It was not long after he entered the realm that he met his uncle Theodasas Valinstan and learnt that his uncle had been very good at the dark arts. He moved into Curtis Hall, Theodasas' home and began to relearn all that he had been taught before.

Kila despaired for her son and with Garren gone, presumably forever, she had no real support base. The man that believed her was the father of the twins, hated Theodasas, and the feeling was mutual. Seeing the way that the two fought each time they were close together only served to antagonize the young Jareth, who would stick more firmly to his uncles side each time his "father" tried to confront the situation. One last straw was all it took to make Jareth hate him forever.

After Kila's recuperation Jareth was told by Theo to take Kezia to the ritual circle. Theo contacted Kila and Quester and asked them to join him at the ritual circle, as he had a demonstration that he thought that they would be interested in seeing. Kila dutifully turned up, but Quester's non appearance meant that Theo could not do what he had planned. So instead he tortured Kila before losing his temper and casting Memento Mori spell on her. Her body and her metaphysical strength were not up to resisting the spell and with a shudder Kila's body crashed to the Earth and Theo fled with Kezia. Jareth checked Kila for any signs of life and found her to still be alive. He raced off to try and find Kila's friend Adriana Lunerii And took her back to where Kila lay. Adri sent the body to a safe haven while they tried to figure out a way to restore Kila to her full health.

Jareth was fuming, and all his attempts at finding Theodasas had failed. He then went in search of his father "Quester half elven" knowing that it was Quester's absence that had inspired his uncles unfair treatment.....


Kezia Valinstan

As Kezia went though the portal she was taken to the peaceful realm of Gresley, where she was brought up by a well mannered family. SHE had a peaceful, non violent and when Kila came to take Kezia back, it was defined as the only traumatic event of her life to date at the time.

As Kila got to know Kezia, it became clear that Kezia had no magical ability and even her ability as a telepath was limited. At one point Kila, almost, thought that that Kezia was not her daughter. She DID bear a remarkable resemblance to Tizianna though.

Theodasas however saw the potential in his Niece and worked to get her to at least tolerate him. Then she was out hunting in the woods of Shadowdell one day when a rogue band of orcs attacked her and killed her. Theo worked with Jareth to resurrect Kezia.

It wasn't until Kila reached the ritual circle of Eirmer that she realized why her brother was so interested in Kezia so much. It was then that she realized that Kezia was a catalyst.

After that she was kidnapped by Theodasas and she is now currently under his care.