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The Death Of Tizianna Valinstan


Tizianna and Theodasas would go for long walks often, talking of war, and her experiences of the other beings that occupied Maetspeer. It was one of these walks that Haythm based his plan on, having watched the Princess’ movements for a long time, and he noticed that the two would always go without guard. Tizianna had always scoffed at the idea.

“am I so incapable of protecting my little brother from the squirrels in the forest that we must have a walking tankard follow our every step?”

“Your highness, it is not safe… the creatures…”

"Have not been viscous Sir, and you are wise to remember my title, for least you forget that I am the princess here, not you. If I wish to go unguarded then YOU have no authority  to override mine.”

The guard would fall silent, unable to answer. To argue with the Princess Tizianna was like walking up to the Head of The Royal Guards and begging him to strip you naked and  personally whip you all though the streets of Lauderdale.

Tizianna would smile each time a new guard would try and stop her talks with her baby brother – knowing that they would soon give up in despair. That morning had been glorious. After many days of harsh storms and brutal winds, the sun had finally decided to let every elf know that she does exist and that all was well with the world.

That morning Tizianna had strode up to 65 year old Theodasas and invited him to ride with her into the nearby woods of Lauderdale to inspect the woods and to talk. Theo, though a great lover of horses, jumped at the chance to be with his sister again after weeks of bad weather had stopped them from having their private chats.

They rode out over the fields of the farms, passing the many farmers moaning the loss of their crops to the rains, and they carried n though to the trees off the woodlands.

Haythm rejoiced at this, his chance to put his master plan into action. He whispered a few words and it opened the magical lock on the door of an old abandoned hut. This unleashed a fresh batch of newly raised dead and sent them off in search of the young prince and princess.