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Theodasas Valinstan

The Schizophrenic Mage with Multiple Personalities!!!!!



For as long as he could remember, Theodasas Valinstan had always felt like the inferior one of the twins, he was the second born, and even though his birth meant that there was an heir to the throne of Tromest, Theodasas knew who the favourite was of all the children. And it was not him.

Tizianna, whilst being the eldest, also felt the same as her brother and it was this that brought the two closer together. (neither of them knew of the Valinstanian past or the prophecy that stood over the twin's head)

The Death Of Tizianna Valinstan

The Test Of Theodasas Valinstan

It was under her careful eye, that Theodasas started to study as a cleric, learning all the magiks that go with being a cleric. Being a cleric won him favour from the public but Daylian and Pearline did not seem to notice their son's efforts and this only made him more reclusive.