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Races And Classes


These beings are a little like were's in the fact that they have the ability to change from a humanoid form to a beast form. 

However there are three major differences between Beastkin and Were's

1. Beastkin's changes are not tied to the lunar cycle.

2. Beastkin are born like that not turned by a bite or scratch.

3. Beastkin can control their changes so that they can remain in a half-beast half-human form indefinitely. 



Most people have some degree of "magic" within them, be it the high class power of the mages in the Magician's Quarter or just somebody with "gut feelings". There is a percentage of magic in most beings.

Catalysts are different. They are one of the few types described as a magical null. They have absolutely no magical ability of their own. However  they can "absorb" magic - taking it from items, people and (if they are really talented) from the earth and air. They can only "hold" the magic for a limited time, then they must pass it on in to something that can hold the magic indefinitely. (they must be touching the object or person when they transfer the magic... therefore this generally means the recipient is "willing")


Also known as fauns, these are beings that are half-human half-goat. (they stand on two goat legs) they are incredibly hard to find, but once found they are very sociable creatures that enjoy any excuse to throw a party.