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Hawksleigh Valinstan

Charismatic, highly strung, friendly and loyal to the end.



Hawksleigh Valinstan is half brother to Kilavarisa and Theodasas. He is Half- elven which was due to the fact that the twins mother was raped by human troops before being left for dead in a basement  deep within the confides of the Lauderdale keep. 

Pearline survived while the twins father and ruler of Tromest Daylian did not. However it soon became apparent that Pearline was pregnant. So she went into hiding, unable to even consider the physicians calls for their assistance in ridding her of the "nuisance" her last words before going into hiding were, his is a life as well as any of you. He will be allowed to live. Even if I must hide him forever"

Pearline was to die during the birth of Hawksleigh, and Daggerus was to hide him in Anjilia and raise him as his own. Daggerus refused to tell Hawksleigh the truth about his heritage, afraid of what actions the head-strong young half-elf might do with the information. Instead he showed Hawksleigh the world of humans.

He lives in the city of Alistan and works as a forest ranger for the King. (hawks hides his elven side as much as possible for there are humans that have not forgotten the wars and some are not very forgiving)




(When we go to LRP events my brother plays this charry almost as good as i imagined him... its spooky!!!!)