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Aven Zaheer



Aven Zaheer. A mystery even to himself. He comes from an average family in an normal countryside village. His father is merchant who makes good money as the only real one in the village. Aven and his siblings never wanted for anything (see the pages on Zaider and Darlia)

As Aven grew up  he would find himself able to "sway" events in his favour.  He found that whenever he wanted to have things in his favour he could concentrate and extend his will out so that it would happen. 

Aven was the youngest of the three and watched as his  siblings grow up and move far away from the home, determined not to end up running the family business. This left Aven with the burden of looking after the business with his family. 

Aven however was an intelligent man and the monotony of the job made him turn to researching his ability. However the only thing that he could find was that his abilities where more akin to that of an elemental than human. this puzzled him greatly.