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Liroko's Insane World

Hello everyone! First, let me introduce myself. My real name is Julie, but I go by QOM (Queen of Mischief) to some, and to others, I'm Liroko. Don't ask me why, I'm insane, _I_ don't even know! D'uh! Now, when I decided to build a site, I thought, "What kind of site should it be? Anime? Fanfiction? PBeM? Pern? Quotes among quotes among quotes?" then I decided, "Heck, who says I can't include all that stuff? I like it all, maybe someone else does too, or maybe I'll expose one kind of crowd to some new stuff they've never thought of looking into, and anyone who takes the time to look at anything _I_ created would have to have one thing in common, but I don't want to offend anybody present, or many terrible things could happen to me ^_^ So I hope you enjoy the variety, the scary bits of insight into my world, and of course, the insanity! Thanks a lot, luv you all, ~Liroko, 2002
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