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Leesl's News exciting!

June 30,2002: I could finally get my site up and going.. Cj moved today... :( Go to his site he'll be adding stuff about his life in arkansas ask me if you want phone # or adress!

July 4,2002: i ahve added new things and my site is pretty much done i still have to add links and stuff but its pretty well done and i like it.... today im going swimming... hollys coming over... and well yea we'll be on late so im me later!! well i better go il have updates about what happens today! peace love to all

Saturday July 6,2002! Wassuupppp my people! that what i thought.... how was everyones 4th of july.? mine was ok i was with holly we went swimming went and got a slurpee at slurpee ville and got jerky... we talked to jason for a long time too... then we walked around.. ran in to corey moran and walked with him for a little while.. it was fun!! Yesterday i did nothing holly left early and i slept... latest news on me moving... not sure yet!! well love peace to all!

July 8,2002 i hope i move but im going to miss my real friends you know who you are... you all can come visit me... uhmm today was boring im gettin my braces off in uhh 2 months or somethin.... yup dats it peace.

july 9,2002 i am moving to nevada so call me aiight if ya wana hang out... peace

July 24,2002 Hey notin news happened we bought a house in nevada yup and im moving soon packed up some of my room! peace rock on rock on