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Everyone has memories right? Well this year a lot of my friends are moving and I might even be moving so! I decided to make a web site and on this part im going to talk about my memories with my friends and even memories with people who are no longer my friends! Let's start off in the beginning of the year! My friends were the "sk8rs" so everyone called them. And yes they were skaters! But anyways! As i was saying. I hung out with them for most of the beginning of the year. I had a lot of fun with them even though some of them aren't my friends anymore the old days were fun. Like! parties at kennys! and fun stuff like that! Then Basketball season started! Memories of people on my team heather,katie, selina ,alicia ,and jessica! Thos were some good times! Heath-R and Kt AEU!?!? Selina you and chad!! I still have that up on my wall! After that i started hanging out with some of my other friends.GOING out with cj!! Sara and Alicia... NERD CORES first day! Kenny and Cj with us... Getting kicked out of rite aid!! Sara getting in trouble because of kenny and cj over! Flames!! Sneaking out the first time in my life!! Alicia and Sara that guy in the window! Leaving trails! CJ NEVER SHOWING UP! :) Sneaking out again the folowing weekened! with Sarah S,Sara A,me,CJ,Bryan, and joe! The cops coming because of me!! ahaha! Spliting up! Finding Bryan and CJ... Harlow road byrans pants down OH SHIT! The funniest night ever sneaking out! Sneaking out with Holly!! Holly with cj... the portapoty!! bite your lip hard and push! lol!! Diamond lake before that!! Sneaking out me sara, joe, and Cj joes house! ubsesed with your mom!!!!lol!! Alicia the coast! aarons party... THE palzo's!! Teren JAy CJ Tay and the palzo leesl! lol!!Cj!! you moving :(,,, In school!! Going to the ZOo! scanner ahah! Tony Hawk! I can ollie! almost kick flip!! i have to say with out cj's help i would never be able to get this site up!! I love you cj! you are my boyfriend and best friend! sara and sarah portland! never eer wave in portland!! NEVER!!! sara im going to miss you since you moved. Cj im going to miss you since your moving!! i will totally stay in touch with both of you!! CJ you left today i miss you soo much!!! have a good week on the road,, ill talk to you in DEnver and tonight!! CALLING CARDS!! george?? lol.... Ryan, Im sorry about elena! No joke!

Iam back and got new memories!! ok Well lets see Holly omg the wallet!! is it wearing a pink and blue hate and a scarf lol your so funny!! sheldon pool and online tomorrow night!! lol !! CJ! i miss you but i talk to you every day! PRESS 1!! :)uhmm i haven't hung with people lately but ill get some more up late! love peace to all!