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Friends.. Everyone has them right? right?? Well most people do but ANYWAYS!! i have friends DUH and i'd like to shout out to them and tell them how much i love them!! CJ: You are my best friend and lover for ever! and we got the rings i can't wait till summer when you stay with me I love you forever!!I MISS YOU Holly: I love you you are my best girlie friend!! Never change And don't get to frisky with Craig..! Ali: Hey girl You are so awesome i love you and i might still go to marist with you but if i don't you tell everyone bout me aiight!! :) Sara: I miss you in portland i hope you come and visit more often!! Sarah: AHH you are super crazy!! i got pics back from schools last day i got one of your coolio hand!! i love ya! Ryan: You are really a cool guy i hope we hang out some time!! Micah: You are a cute lil guy!! i think your cute!!! you rock!! Ross+Alex: you guys are really crazy Jordin : ha we got it good ... its gettin hot in here so hot.. lol! VEGAS Ashley! my buddy!!!! whoosh!!!!!its an outside joke!!!! hahahahahahahha i love it!!! Nicole: whoosh!!! rock on my chika!! b-ball playa's! you soo coool Ale: Dude your such a bad girl. some day some day.. OMG THERES A CAR COMING!! HIDE IT IN THE SLIDE!! TFTF haha Kels: Hey hey!! member halloween!!! omg.. lol Jaclyn& Jordan : you guys are so cute!!!!! AHH!! DORABLE!! Alic: Alic, Alic... wat can i say dude.. today in frikin science...dude you are so messed up but thats why you be cool!! lol Carolyn: Look at the teachers face!! Ax-MURDERER!!!! hahaha Chris: you are super cool your my buddy forever even when you go to the school next door ;) lol lol hahhaa Charlie: omg b-ball... i see you everymorning... BURGER KING Ashleys joe: you guys are adorable... The ie skatin rink lol lol lol... Lizz: the guy at your church lol you and derek are adorable too!! AMBER: lol ashleys party whoosh goodtimes! Blythe: lol all the Questions you asked Josh!! haha Kellie: computer good times