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Leesl's Journal

FOURTH OF JULY!! 1:10 am! isn't that exciting! its in the morning! i decided to put a journal on this site why you all may ask... well cause i want to! gotta problem? i thought not! ok well i was watching undressed on mtv well the last 5 min of it and!! i found a new singer i like a lot and i went to and listened to a lil bit of her music then went te her site! i really like it! shes a really good singer its punk i think.. Avil Lavigne!! yea but i thought i'd start a journal on here because of her site gave me some ideas!So yea! isn't that great!! anyways me and Holly are starting a site tomorrow well actually later today....uhmm ill write down the adress later!! i almost learned how to kick flip and i tried again like an hour ago and no improvement :( but hopefully soon ill get it...sooner or later... uhmm tomorrow the terrorists are suppose to do something in las vegas.... uhmmm i heard this book thing and i can't remember what it alled but its really interesting... its like saying all this stuff how these rich people control our government and all this stuff and like the reason the terrorists atttaked was because these rich people wanted the airlines to be more strick... its scary... it has other stuff like if gore was president he would have been killed by someone... its really weird!! and like these people are like watching you all the time.."big brother is watching you.." OMG they could be watching you right now on a mini camera!! what ever you do don't do anything stuppid well tata ill write back lata!!

July 6,2002 yea baby! hey ok so fourth of july was crazy.. but its all good holly came ovr we never made a web site cause we were tired and to busy buggin people online! yea yea! so i have been bored lately.. worked out for an hour today.. my lazy ass couldn't do more... i haven't done any sports since school track but im hoping to start swimming and maybe running... i wana rock climb and do something exercising... mymoms out with a friend doing something... i can't wait till tapeworm comes out with there cd... i wana go get avril lavignes cd.. but no money so that might be a problem.. uhmm yup anyways uhmm yea i have nothing to write I need to run or soemthing athletic i feel fat!! so betta start working out!! anyways i etta get going later tonight ill write back... love peace to all!!

July 8,2002 hey.. today i thought about some stuff and i found out who my true friends are... but anyways i got a cd avril... uhmmm i might do a road run soon even though im outta shape totally... ihave changed... everything about me... people who talk bad about me can f*** off.. People who are as holes can too.... people i don't like can too.... my opinion on some people have changed im being my self now no matter what people say... im tired of acting a certain way and i am now totally changed my style my opinions..everything but my personality to people i like... if im an ARS to you my guess is i don't lke you.... well this is all i gotta say today love peace to all wait no... only to some people you know who you are... yea well ill prolly right back tonight.. peace

july 9,2002 Aiight I am moving everyone... to nevada.... all my TRUE friends ill really miss you!prolly you guys can come down and stay wit me next summer uhmmm ya wana do something call me or something... ok!! well this is all i have to say and to all you ass holes i hope your happy im moving... and you all can kiss my ass.... peace to people...

July 21,2002 I am back from gettin a house in nevada... im moving soon hurray for me. uhmm .. let me a think. uhmm...ill be here maybe a bit longer cause of the people we bought the house from they gotta move... uhmm im keepin my same sn and e-mail. Exciting. if you dont have my sn or e-mail well your screwed basically..;) well im going to go cause i have nothing new to say... wait.. uhmm when we were driving back from nevada we were stalked by aliens.. long story im me for it. peace to all rock on rock on

July 24,2002 Nothin going on here bored... Nothin good making a new site ill give it later. rock on rock on

November 27,2002 It's been a long time right? Yea it has! Im here in Vegas... It rocks DUH uhmm lets see i lettered in Cross country! I made the b-ball team... Im getttin good grades.... BF's you ask? Well... No :) happily but i gots the guy friend.....Some shout outs to them in ly otha thingy..... Uhmm... Lets see my friends that aare girls shout outs to them to in friends... OMG!!! SO MANY MORE THINGS I HAVE TO TYPE!! AVRIL SUCKS A$$!!!! I HATE THAT POSEUR! lol sorry lol anyways SYSTEM I LOVE YOU!!! RARR.. Uhmm tools cool disturbed.. puddle of mudd...korn.. uh yea crap like that! whoosh.. Uhmm..... My school is Centennial it has over 4000 students... a lot eh? well another hs's being built so it will be up next year... Uhmm... Hmm...I gots me some friends.....yup yup more onn them lata.... ill be back!! rock on.. -Leesl-