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What We Have Learned

This is a list of all of the useful (and maybe not so useful) things that several friends have learned. It is written by all of us, so who writes the stories will change. Later on, maybe we will have others submit their stories too. We are going to use fake names instead of our real names. Also, other's names will be changed too. One of us is Chandra, and the other will be Qing

1. Never trust a guy with eggs. - One time Qing invited me over for dinner at her house, because George and his parents were coming over. Well, everything went fine until after dinner when the parents decided that the three of us should make cookies. So, we got everything out, and started cooking. I noticed that George was eying the vanilla strangely, so the next time he looked away, I hid it. When he looked back he said, "Hey, where did the vanilla go? One time I put a cup of vanilla in a cake at school and it exploded." Qing and I then decided not to let George help anymore. Somehow though, he got put in charge of cracking the eggs. That was a big mistake. Qing was underneath where we were cooking, looking in the tuperware drawer. Well, George cracked the egg over the bowl, except that none of it went in the bowl. It like blew up! It went everywhere. It missed Qing's head by a few inches. Most of it went into the tuperware drawer. We spent the next half hour cleaning up the mess.

2. Donít trust guys to get up early - My neighbor Bob, and his friend Jacob were having a sleepover, and the next morning my mom was supposed to pick them up, and take the three of us to get lockers. I told Bob to take his cell phone so that I could call in the morning to make sure that they were up (we had to get up at around 7:30). So, that morning, I called Bobís cell, and didnít get an answer. I left a message, and tried again about 10 minutes later. Still no answer. I left another message, and just decided that if they werenít up when we went to pick them up, well, then, they would have to go in their PJs. It turns out, they had been up, Bob just wasnít close enough to his cell to hear it. I was very impresses that they were ready. I guess that this lesson really isnít Ďdonít trust guys to get up earlyí. Its more of a Ďdonít trust guys to answer their cellsí, but the get up early thing sounds better.

3. Never ask for omens, it may be disastrous - One day I was sitting at my lunch table talking with my friend Jordan. We were both minding our own business when Alina (another friend at our table) says "Something's going to happen, and its going to be an sign......." and then Jordan fell off her chair! She was sprawled on the floor laughing hysterically when Alina said "there's my sign, it happened!"

4. Although it may be fun, don't run around a gym for an hour without shoes or socks. - One day, I was at soccer practice. It had been about 25 minutes into the practice, and it started to lightning and thunder. We all went into a little space between the two school gyms. There were a bunch of guys in the small gym playing basketball. All of a sudden, lightning flashed, and at the same time, the thunder boomed, and shook the building. About half of the team screamed, and all of the guys stopped playing basketball, and stared at us. After just standing there for a few minutes, somebody came up with the idea that we could play soccer in the big gym. Aly told them, "We aren't allowed to have cleats on the gym floor." I then said, "Well, we can play without our shoes." So, we did. Some of the girls left their socks on, but they slipped and fell. We soon had a crowd of the 8th grade football players looking in through the windows watching our every move. At the time, I thought that not having socks was better, because you wouldn't slip. Later on though, I found out otherwise. I woke up the next morning with a huge blister on the bottom of my big toe. I couldn't walk right for several days. It was a TON of fun, but next time, I'm going to wear socks, even if it means falling in front of a bunch of guys.

5. Never try to get rid of an orange (aka PBJ incident) - One day at lunch, Fina had an orange. She tried to give it to Patricia, but it fell on the floor. For some odd reason then, none of us wanted to eat it, even though the peel was still on it. So, we had some fun. A bunch of guys were wearing hoodies, so we started putting it in their hoodies to see if they noticed. They did.... most of the time. Eventually, that got old, so we put it down one of their shirts. It fell out the bottom of his shirt, and rolled on the ground. We kicked it around a few times, untill one of our friends stepped on it, and it died. :( Its called the PBJ incident, because almost all of the names of people that were involved start with either a P, B, or J.

More to come soon!