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Hey, and welcome to Insane Gunman.  Yes, yes, for lack of a better name, that is what this site is called.  K is my favorite character in Gravitation (besides Ryu-chan) so it's no surprise that I've made a shrine to him.  ^_^
Click on a pic below to navagate around the site.  If you keep your mouse pointer hovering over the pic, a message will tell you what page the pic links to.  Also, be warned that there could be shounen-ai/yaoi stuff around the site, especially in the fanworks section.  Wait...that page is practically empty.  If you have any K-related fanworks, please send them in and I'll be happy to post them.

Last Updated: 30 November 2002
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything, honest.  Graviatation and all it's characters and whatnot belong to their respective owners. This site was created by me, Pyrochan. The backgrounds, layout, title graphics, belong to me. Ask for permission before you take. All remix scans belong to Aya...I guess. All screenshots belong to Nicole. Don't steal, ask her for permission before you take.