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Jordan Lehane

Physical Description:
Brown hair that falls gently on her shoulders. Deep brown eyes. A sweet smile that is always on her face, though sometimes itís not as bright as usual. She is of average height and weight for a 16 year old, and is in great shape thanks to gymnastics and running.
Jordan likes to make people laugh, she doesnít like when people are in a bad mood. So whenever she stumbles upon someone in a horrific mood, she does her best to at least make them smile. Jordan is a sweet caring person, she stands up for what she believes in and knows when to back down. When she has too much sugar in her system, Jordan tends to go over the deep end. She can get rather hyper, and gets too loud and mischievous. On the other side of Jordan, she is very serious about her school work she doesn't slack off unless she has a valid excuse to do so, and she never does anything that could be considered cheating on anything. She takes pride in what she does, and is working hard toward a career as a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.
The past six years of Jordan's life, have been the best she has ever had. She has many friends and enjoys her schoolwork. Her spare time is usually spent in the library, or the student lounge- drawing or reading something near the fire or under a bright lamp. When she isn't in either of those places, you can find her on the Quidditch pitch- flying around or practising by herself to maintain her Keeper skills. Jordan's fascination with Quidditch began her third year- when she tried out for beater. During the last match, she fell off her broom and hurt her arm. Between the time of Third year and Fifth year- Jordan had tried out for the Keeper position, thinking that it might be safer. Jordan was born on February 19, 1989 to Mark and Jill Lehane. They were a respectable couple who had a great family business in which they ran during the weekends and on Monday and Wednesday. Jordan is the youngest of four children- and she is always going to be considered the baby. Beth is the oldest child, being 25. She lives in an apartment in the other side of London- but she visits frequently. Kyle is 23, being the second oldest, and he lives in the basement of the Lehane house. He works at the family library and that is how he pays his rent. Mara is 20, and lives in the attic- which is nicely furnished in the Lehane house. She has a steady job as an intern in a law firm. Jordan, is 16, and attends Hogwarts during the year and visits her family during the holidays. Jordan is the first out of the Lehane family, and probably the only one, to receive a Hogwarts acceptance letter. She was 11 at the time, and an owl had dropped it off on her windowsill. In the morning, Jordan looked over and saw an envelope fluttering lightly in the wind. She grabbed it, opened it, and read it- completely curious. Her little eyes, got large and she couldn't believe it. This would explain everything though. The time the glass shattered in the living room because she was mad, or the time she turned her hamster into a very ugly looking monkey. Jordan looked at the empty cage that sat on her desktop- the poor animal had died from a heart attack soon after, she hadn't gotten around to getting rid of the cage just yet. She told her parents about it, and they consulted this ministry of magic- asking for an explanation. They got one. Jordan was to attend Hogwarts. They went to Diagon Alley, completely awe struck at the amazing and out of the world items that were sold there. That year Jordan was sent to Hogwarts. She loved it. Her first year was a little rough, considering she didn't know where anything was. She found herself, often lost, but would soon remember where she was and return to the class she was supposed to be in. The moving staircases helped none, though. Jordan grew accustomed to the corridors of Hogwarts in no time, and her second year was much easier than her first. She didn't mean to cause any trouble, it just happened naturally. Jordan was the troublemaker in her family, and it seemed to hae followed her to Hogwarts. She couldn't resist the urge to not pull a prank on Filch or Snape, of course that resulted in point deductions and detentions, but she couldn't seem to stop. During Potions she would sit there and make up plans on how to put dungbombs in Snape's supplies cupboard, or how to plant a large puddle of black ink, that no matter how many times you cleaned it- it wouldn't go away. It came naturally to her. Until her fifth year. Jordan changed at the end of her fifth year, with all the attacks going on, she realised she needed to grow up. And that's exactly what she is doing her sixth year.

The Four Houses of Hogwarts
Kimberly Sullivan H4
Nokomis Astarra H4
Mary Evans S4
Dana Coran R6