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*A Donation Wish*

*A Donation Wish*

Welcome To Me Site. Here's a little bit about what I'm doing. I want to own my own pet shop. I don't know how I will raise the money to do this. Right now Im 15 and I got awhile to save up. I dont have a job right now. I dont have a job because my dad is sick and he has some kind of like muscle disease and there still not sure what it is. They have diagnosed him with stuff that I think is totally off what's wrong with him. Anyways my love for pets is so big. I want to start now to save up for my shop. All I'm asking is for you to donate $1.00 to help me. It will be greatly appreciated if you do this for me. Also I want to try and raise money up for animals. I want to help get them homes instead of having them be put to sleep.


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