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OK. Welcome to the IFM Online index. Seeing as I'm hosting four slightly different thingies, I thought I'd directly link them from here now. Basically it's more than just IFMy stuff, so take a look around...

The NEW IFM pages:
IFM Party Central. These pages are all about the silly, and rather lethargic, megalomanic themed organisation which Lord Woodlouse and friends are a part of.
IFM Online Forums.. All chatting is here, and ZoneČ.

TrekWars pages:
TrekWars Mainframe. One of the first, and certainly one of the best, crossover fanfictions between Star Trek and Star Wars. Check it out, it's funky. (it was originally created by Hindmost and Pat McCoy, mind, so I can't take credit for it).
TrekWars Graffiti Wall The old forums, here for nostagia if nothing else.

The Encyclopedia Woodlouseicus Galactica pages:
Main Menu. These pages are all about the ridiculous insectoid spacefarers of LW's imagination. Slightly messy.

The ZoneČ pages:
Main Menu. The story board and all the necisary info about it.

The OLD IFM pages:
Frames OR...
Non-Frames. Here mainly just for archive purposes, this is the IFM before it got all jazzed up in a shade of red.

Other useful jump points:
IFM: External. Has a compilation of generally off-topic pages.