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September 6,2005

today was da first day of skool! was only 45 mins so it wasn't really skool. im bored. haven't been on af for almost 4 one month. it isn't dat long ago. now..i don't know wat to do. my theory results is gonna b out 2molow! im scared cuz i think i failed. it's not my fault i didn't study....=D is sunny, i was suppose to go to metro w/ kim and mel today but i didn't.why? good question. at first kim and mel said dat we were going to metro after da first day of skool. but i thought they were joking! so ya...and i had plans afta skool. sry kim and mel! im really sry! man..ill leave it at dat point for today=D. bye every1

August 12,2005

Currently Listening To:Purachina

hello every1 againz. im trying to update this site but i hav to go very soon so i dont' think ill do much.srys! anywayz, today isn't a very good day, it's cloudy. i don't like cloudy. actually, cloudy is good but im going BBT so cloudy isn't good. peace.

August 11,2005

Currently watching:Police Training School

Hi every1! I hope you guys enjoy this site. I just started and Im not "dat" good w/ html so plz 4give me for not finishing it.enjoy!