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7 reasons why Eminem sucks

Here's one just for you Ericka.

1. Clothing - He wears a towel on his head. Maybe that symbolizes something deep and profound about the human condition, but to me it looks like he just got out of the shower.

2. Music - All of his songs on any given cd are exactly the same. The Slim Shady lp or whatever it's called were all about how nobody likes him, and the Eminem Show is all about how everybody still doesn't like him, just because his songs provoke wife murder. Only the biggest critics could possibly object.

3. Expletives - He feels the need to swear 18 times every sentence. To me that's just uneducated. I mean just look at this website. I've used expletives maybe 3 times in about 20 pages worth of ranting. It's the refuge of the uneducated.

4. Ghetto speek. Actually this just bugs me altogether, especially with people who have no right to be saying it, like stupid, white, twelve year olds at my ski resort. Yo foos waddup in ma crib to the izza jigga what? Sure, if you want to sound as if you were dropped as a child I won't stop you.

5. Bad Judgement - As soon as it looks like Eminem is about to get through a whole sentence without offending somebody, he goes off on a tangent and puts down somebody who may or may not deserve it, but have never actually done anything to him.

6. Voodoo - I'm not sure if he actually practices voodoo, but everytime I say voodoo in an article my hits go up by 50.

7. 8 mile - Woo. 4 hours of rappers swearing at each other. Sign me up! I actually heard this was a good movie, but I refuse to go see it on the grounds that if it was made by a rapper it sucks (a good example of this is that movie Cradle: The Grave 2 or something. DMX AND Jet Li? I can tell already that this screenplay is going to be plot and dialogue based!)

Also in answer to your guestbook signing, Eminem fans won't come after me, cause they know deep in their hearts that I'm right and they're wrong