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Buy One of My Shirts and Have Some Fun!

I've taken our friend, the handicapped symbol, repositioned him a little, and made a T-Shirt featuring him.

I designed this shirt to let people know that I don't take my disabilty and leg braces too seriously and they shouldn't either. Whenever I wear my"Warning - I Might Fall On You" shirt I almost always get a smile from everyone who sees it. I also get lots of positive comments. I guarantee that you will get a lot of smiles when you wear yours.

I designed the shirt, made the silk screen, print it, fold it, pack it, and mail it. The shirt is 100% cotton that is screen printed on both sides in royal blue with the image shown above. Available sizes are "Large", "Extra Large", "Extra Extra Large" and "Extra Extra Extra Large".

Large or Extra Large size shirts are $10.00 plus $4.35 for S & H for a grand total of $14.35. An "Extra Extra Large" or "Extra Extra Extra Large" is $12.00 plus $4.35 for S & H for a grand total of $16.35.

E-mail me by clicking on my address below if you have any questions or want to place an order.

Thanks !!!