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Daily Doses of Diabolical meanderings. Bitches, Rants, Raves, and maybe if I'm really lucky, the occasional good idea....  

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Monday, October 15, 2001 ~x~
I'm alive! I swear. I know I haven't been online or in the blog but I'm alive. I'm actually on the phone constantly.. Five months of not talking to Bri will do that to a person. Jesus Its so fucking good to talk to him....

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 16:24

Friday, October 12, 2001 ~x~
BTW Eagle? I want to say thank you for understanding friendship, honor and loyalty. I know that even if you and I weren't friends you would have stepped down today, because you were standing up for what you believe in. However, since we are friends, Even through the Marine Corps/Air Force Thing, I have to say thank you Comrad, I'd cover your six anytime in Battle.

Cyn, Thank you love for being one of the most vocal as well. I know you know the truth, and I know good and well you won't let it ever slide over without saying something. You're like my twin, as scary as that is, and we both get off on it, Thank you Hon for being you, for being everything and for giving me a home in california, I can't wait to get there, to you guys, and to the Tequila *wink*

Chris, God woman. You too, Thank you. I know I've said a lot, but you're a hell of a strong woman, you go through a lot and are damn strong. You're intelligent honest and right. You never back down from your beliefs and you've always been there for me, Thank you. Thank you for making so many days worthwhile.

Wulfe Darlin' You know how grateful I am for your friend ship, and Cyn and I will never forget you howling for us as well, You're one of the gang and I hope you know and remember that. If you come visit all of us in California we're gonna have a blast, and I think you and Chris are going to get in all kinds of trouble together. Thank you.

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 02:09

BonBon's Bewildered Dimension

Well I see the Bitch is at it again. Amazing how easily she lies isn't it? I won't go into much here because In my opinion she's a disgusting piece of filth who ODs on her drugs so fucking much she doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground. However there are two quick issues I MUST address and clear up.

The First) The Boards. I am NOT a liar, If I were I'd be kissing ass pleading my case and begging to be in her worthless guild. However, I'm not, when I have a problem with someone I tell them. Likewise if I was staying on the boards to be a bitch you can BET I'd rub Bonnie's face in it. HELL if I still had access I'd DELETE the eeek board and the O21G board. Vicious? You betchya when a lying cunt trashes my reputation for NO reason. I have NO NONE zip zero zilch access to ANY guild Boards. Not Wish, Not Eeek, Not Yahoo, Nothing. Nada, Zippo. I deleted myself from them the night Bonnie went on a one woman destroy Lyn campaign. Now whether you like me or hate me we ALL know Yahoo has been an asshole the last few days, eating posts and YMs and offlines and lagging and freezing, and pages not coming up. I deleted myself they are NO longer on my clubs list, I have NO access. Have I said that enough times for your pathetic little braincell Bonnie? If YOU have a problem with yahoo's glitch then YOU talk to them. Its not my problem anymore. I don't have to look at wretched boards anymore so I don't give a fuck what you think.

Second. This is the biggest issue. Jess, I didn't say that, in fact if you'd like to call here and speak to my family who was there for the conversation you're more than welcome to. Jess' name ONLY came up when Bonnie decided to talk about how Jess slapped her in the face, and how Jess only wanted attention and how Bonnie was tired of it. yep hard truth, sucks don't it? Two faced Bitch. Now the conversation about the "nameless" person the other founder I had a problem with? I won't name her here either she's not important, what was said was. I wasn't talking about Jess, I NEVER mentioned Jess. Yep, Bonnie do me a favor? Next time rather than Mixing Alcohol and Narcotics like we know you love to, think first, because yet AGAIN you fucked up. Big Fucking Time.

I was talking about Eagle. Yep Eagle. I believe she resigned at some point today?? Evidently this isn't the first time you've fucked up, been a bitch been confused, used people, abused them and then went on your own high and mighty trip. I digress though. The conversation in question was actually Me saying I did indeed have a problem with this founder(NOT Eagle, the founder I'm referring to is the "nameless" founder). Partly due to some issues I had found out about, partly due to some shit on the boards. Gee its all flooding back huh Bonnie? It wasn't Jess it was Eagle, I was actually referring to a post of threads where Thrice Eagle had to warn people that their conversation on piercings was getting out of control. NOT Jess. Eagle.

So next time you want to fucking attack me Bonnie and LIE about me to people and in your blog. You'd better make sure you don't leave any witness to what REALLY happened. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Maybe its because Field Intel is my speciality... Maybe THAT is why I make sure Never to say things I can't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. And Maybe its because of the Marine Corps that I know how to be HONEST and Loyal, and Courageous, and Maybe that's also why I don't believe in a one woman Dictatorship. Its a Shame Other people, twice my age Don't know the first thing about Honestly or how to handle their narcotics.

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 01:52

Duplicate Post removed. Blogger can be a pest.

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 01:43

In Alex's Blog today I laughed my ass, grinned a little, poked fun a little and wondered about his masturbation techniques mwahaha.

Alex, you're a doll you know that hun? I adore ya *big grin* What're we gonna do with you? Wait wait, since we did it first does that mean... Ummmm nevermind. *pats his head* errrr Bad terminology sorry. Ummm Pbbbbt *cracking up*

BTW have I ever mentioned how much respect (I'm being sincere, all kidding aside) I have for a man who loves his daughter so much, you make me want to sniffle every time I read something you say about her. You're wonderful darlin' really wonderful.

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 01:09

Thursday, October 11, 2001 ~x~
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IT IS THE SOLDIER,not the reporter,who has given us freedom of the press.
IT IS THE SOLDIER,not the poet,who has given us the freedom of speech.
IT IS THE SOLDIER,not the campus organizer,who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
IT IS THE SOLDIER,not the lawyer,who has given us the right to a fair trial.


Found that in Tasha's Blog, and I've got to say, I love that, She brought warmth to me tonight. Thank you Tasha. Thank you so much for seeing what so many other's can't.

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 22:46

Bonnie, We want to talk honest about these things? I love Jess, I always have, I am the one who spent 8 almost 9 hours drawing a picture of Cyn and Jess and I, for the three of us, JUST BECAUSE. I could have drawn it of any of my friends, But you can bet your ass I'd never draw it of people I didn't like. I am the one who spent her own money on a domain for Jess and Cyn and I, I am the one who spent hours getting Jess and Cyn and I's email registered with our new domain, I'm the one who offered to pay for a Project 21 Domain, JUST because I adore Jess. You want to be a vicious fucking lying bitch you go right ahead, But I never NEVER said one bad word about jess, and if I had something bad to say about her? Which I don't, it would be said to her, Not to you. We ALL know you're not trustworthy even before this, you aren't online long enough to know what the hell is going on, you never remember what is said to you, or who said it. Hell you can't even keep Cyn and I straight. Go ahead deny it. How many fucking times did you start a conversation with one of us and end it with the other because you had no fucking clue which one you were talking to.

I put my ass on the line for you. I offered my home to you when you were so upset because your home life was so bad. Even when all this shit started I didn't bash you, not until today. I said you treated me wrong, I was pissed I cussed, but Hell I didn't even call you a bitch until today. You know what? I'm done being nice, you went over the line. I fucking left the guild, I left the boards, I didn't say another god damned word to you or about you, and you STILL are trashing my reputation, harrassing me, harrassing my friends and proving what a lying bitch you are.

Jessie, if you are reading this. I Love you. I adore you, you're one of the Kitties of Purrsia remember? I have never uttered a single bad word about you, to a single soul. I have nothing bad to say about you. You should know this by now, how many nights do you and Cyn and Chris and Dawn and Jon and I hang out playing and having a good time? We all love you, and I've never ever ever done anything to make you even think I don't, I hope you remember this, and I hope you remember all the shit that has gone on, and how much of it is lies. Any of our friends will tell you the same thing, I didn't fucking say what she's telling you I did. I never would. Never.

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 14:19

Tuesday, October 09, 2001 ~x~

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 23:31

Eagliepoo Sqwauks

>>Next topic... The Flag. Some say that they don't stand for the flag or the concepts surrounding the flag. Hmmm.. these are the same folks who say they don't stand for any concept... well.. hate to break it to you.. but, isn't the whole 'perfect world' thing a concept? LOL.. Anyways.. I do pledge allegiance to the flag, and all it stands for... rights, freedom, liberty, justice, pursuit of happiness. I cry when I hear the National Anthem. It's not something I just up and decided to do.. it's because I actually listen to the lyrics .. I can visualize the moment they were written.. and, I can totally understand the passion they were written with. Thank goodness Francis Scott Key also believed in this great country... enough to write something so beautiful and with so much meaning. <<

The Above Quoted From Eagle's Blog.

She's absolutely right here. These people who preech that they don't believe in the Flag, in OUR Flag, these people who walk on the Flag, who burn it... They Piss me off. Wicked Evil Mother Fuckers who have no business holding the fantastic title of American. Its these same people who tend to be hippy, tree hugging, Marilyn Manson fucking, anti war, pro freedom of speech "I'm so scared" "I'm so intimidated" bra burning bitches. Rough words? Yes. The Reason? I simply do not understand how someone can live in a free nation like ours and not believe in freedom? Knowing what else is out there... Communism... China.. where baby girls are murdered on a daily basis because you're only allowed a set number of children. Starving... dying of disease in Afghanistan because your "leaders" are tyrants who want nothing more than to play with terrorism... Plague, Filth, No Electricity, No Running Water, No food to eat, no medicine to heal... Public Beatings, Beheadings, Hangings, all without a trial.. Whether you're innocent or not.

Is this the kind of thing you truly support? THIS is the kind of world you want to live in? No? Well, I have news for you, THIS is the kind of world you would live in without the Flag, The Freedom, The Liberty, and the Patriotism you so hate. THIS is the kind of world you'd find your miserable life in without all these things you think aren't worth defending. Further more? YOU deserve these things, Backward thinking, narrowminded Hippy Bitch, you don't deserve this country, hell you don't even deserve Afghanistan, but I'd LOVE to see you suffer through even a month of what people in these other countries do. I'd love to see you hold a brand new baby girl in your arms and make the choice "Do I keep the baby I've held in my body for 9 months, or do I kill her and try for a boy, so our family lives on?" I'd love to see you suffer through Malaria, and Starvation. I'd love to see you watch your "loved" family members suffer through smallpox and measles... Diseases that have been erradicated in our country for years. Oh, and how I would love to see you sit in the middle of Ethiopia, Starving, Frightened, Without anyone, and without your precious computer in front of you... without the chance to write your American Bad Mouthing hippyasshole words into your pathetic "private space" ... Very hard to blog without electricity.. even harder without a roof over your head. I wonder how quickly you'd remember these words.

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag, of the United States Of America and to the Republic for which It stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 13:24

Monday, October 08, 2001 ~x~
Keyword: Time

>>It was early Sunday night in Afghanistan when fifty cruise missiles plus the firepower of at least fifteen B-1, B-2, and B-52 warplanes launched against more than a dozen targets, including the airport in Khandahar, originally built by the United States as a way-station for international flights but now the headquarters of the Taliban air force. Reports from Pakistan said that smoke was billowing from the home of the Taliban's supreme leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, following a missile attack. One report had explosions coming from the area of Farmada, a reported bin Laden training camp nine miles from that city. Attacks were also reported in the cities of Jalalabad and Mazer-e-Sharif. <<

I will post more later, due to other circumstances related to this I am not staying online but a few moments. However, I have to stand and say OORAH. Its about fucking time we have a President with the balls to extract revenge from the slobbering fools who dared think they could unleash an attack on us, and receive no direct response. Again, I will post more later, and will comment more in my "after" style at that point. Again However though, I want to say something I know will thoroughly irritate the hippies who know me. The attacks started @0330 On Sunday, HERE in MY home state, YES, the ball rolled from here. I have never been more proud or Patriotic. If you've been watching CNN and MSNBC and FOXNews then you've all heard where the largest portion of bombers came from Including the B-2's, Whiteman AFB in Missouri. I find it oddly soothing that vengence started in my home state. Thank You oh great God of War.

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 11:32

Thursday, October 04, 2001 ~x~
Brian. I know you'll see this eventually. I am so proud of you Baby. I have always been proud of you, proud of everything you do, simply proud to know you, tonight however; I can not even put into words how proud I am of you. I love you Ex Recruit Kerrebrock, now United States Marine Kerrebrock, I knew you could do it, I've know it since the day I met you. You were born with the heart and soul of a warrior, and blessed with the body and mind to prove it to the world. My Best friend, my hero, my Stone and my partner, in life AND on the battlefield, I'd go into war with you without a single moment's hesitation Bear. Congratulations. I Love You, Semper Fi Mac... Semper Fi.

Parris Island Cadences

Everywhere we Go
People wanna Know
Who we are
Where we come from
We come from an Island
A Motivated Island
We come from an Island
A motivated Island
We call that Island
Parris Island
They call that Island
Parris Island..
It aint like the Army at Fort Jackson
It aint like the Navy down in Florida
It aint no flyboy over in Texas.
Parris Island
There aint no other
And on that Island
There is Sand
Well its gonna make..
Make a man

Whoa Oha, Whoa Oh, Yaha, Here we go, motivated , motivated, yaha, Harder than a left, oh yea, here we go, motivated, dedicated, to the Corps your Corps, your Corps, My Corps, Our Corps, Marine Corps. Ah Here we go;

Listen to the rhythm of the tiny tiny feet
It sounds like the Army in a full retreat
In the Army young and Old
They wanna wear the Red and Gold
A talkin' about the Marine Corps
Eat Sleep Marine Corps
Your Corp, My Corp, Our Corps, Marine Corps.
Navy Navy Where you at
Come on out and lets lose some fat

Low ridin' left, left right left, low ridin' left, left and right we go. Yaha. OORAH, OORAH, here we go, all the way, 3 miles, you can hack it, all the way, here we go, OORAH, OORAH, Motivated Island? Ayyyyee Sir. One Mile no good, two miles no good, three miles, no good, four miles just right. 1 2 3 4 United States Marine Corps, OORAH, here we go, all the way.

I love workin' for Uncle Sam
Lets me know just who I am
Left Right Left, Left Righty Left,
Lets do double time

Marine Corps, PT, I love it, I need it, pushups, mountain climbers, pullups, all day everyday, OORAH, aha aha, here we go;

Gimme that Old Marine Corps Spirit
Gimme that Old Marine Corps Spirit
Gimme that Old Marine Corps Spirit
Cause its good enough for me
It was good by Chesty Puller
It was Good for Chesty Puller
It was good enough for Chesty Puller
And its good enough for me
It was Good enough at Iwo Jima
It was Good enough at Iwo Jima
It was Good enough at Iwo Jima
And its good enough for me

OORAH, oh yea... Gimme some.. PT, OORAH, Gee, I need some GI Gravy, Gee I wished I'd joined the Navy, Oh No, Not ME, Marine Corps, Oh yea, OH YEA, MY Corps, Our Corps, Left Right Left, Lefty Right Left, Left Right Left, Lefty Right Left, OORAH, OORAH!

Our Marine Corps Color is Green
Shows the world that we are mean
My Marine Corps Color is Red
Signaled by the blood we Shed
Our Marine Corps Color is Gold
Shows the world that we are Bold

Left right left, lefty right left, left right left, lefty right left, OORAH, slow it down.. slow it down, OORAH, oh yea.. oorah, oorah, second wind.. oorah, breathe it in... breathe it out, are you ready? LEFT RIGHT LEFT, lefty right left, left right left, lefty right left. Oh yea, OORAH, OH YEA, THIRD Battalion! OH YEA! OORAH!

Ah Gimme that Anchor Globe and Eagle
Ah Gimme that Anchor Globe and Eagle
Ah Gimme that Anchor Globe and Eagle
And its good enough for ME
It was good on Chateau Thierry
It was good on Chateau Thierry
It was good on Chateau Thierry
And its good enough for ME
Ah Gimme that Anchor Globe and Eagle
Ah Gimme that Anchor Globe and Eagle
Ah Gimme that Anchor Glove and Eagle
And its good enough for ME

Marine Corps, Oh Yea, OORAH, Blood and Guts, Oh Yea, Motivated, Dedicated, Marine Corps, OORAH, Semper Fi, Do Or Die, OORAH

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 22:01

I am so nervous.. Its been a long long day, Woke up early this morning did some minor PT (nothing that would aggrivate my collar bone so no one yell at me!) Then I laid back down, then got back up *snicker* did that a couple times til I finally had to get my ass to therapy. God Love Sean he's a riot.. makes me feel like a total weakling but he's a riot. Anyway after half an hour of torture (See: Physical Therapy) I took my sorry ass on over to catch up with a bunch of buds who let me catch a cadence run with them, I so fucking needed the pickup. Anyway, in about 95 minutes it'll be official.. at 2100Hrs on the East Coast, Brian'll be through the Crucible, and a fullstop Marine... I'm so damn proud of him, and I can't wait until that clock ticks past and its over. After this its tan belt martial arts testing and a few small misc things THEN he gets Liberty on Sunday! I can't wait to talk to him, we've gone almost five months with only 2 five minute phone calls.. in that five months when we couldn't talk, we both were seriously injured, believe me it sucks to put it mildly. *big breath* God in Heaven I can't wait to hear his voice... his growl.. And I keep staring at the clock, waiting... waiting... waiting.. God god god, I can NOT wait til it kicks through the last hour and a half, I can't wait to know he did it. I knew he'd make it all along even through several of his buddies suicide attempts, his collarbone broken in 3 places, his original platoon graduating, the tornado that ripped through the opposite barracks the first week he was there... The insane 108 degree temps... Parris Island is fucking tough ANY trip through.. But His trip is the kind of thing that sets Marines apart from everyone else in the world. There's a reason the Marine Corps is Number One. The Best, The Toughest, and the Elite. Who needs special forces when even your dirtiest grunt can do the job of 5 five men?

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 17:14

Yahoo! Clubs If you want to get reeeaally picky, I can say you have no way of knowning what death is unless you've experienced it, and therefore can not define the seperation between dead and living. === end quote

Wow. You know, she's actually obviously very intelligent... good at stirring up shit, causing fights and making people think, HOWEVER its all total bullshit. The one thing she was knocking.. Her words are total bullshit. I almost.. almost want to admire her. Antagonistic thats for sure. However... philosophy spewers will only end up dead in the long run, maybe THEY can come back and tell us what death is?

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 02:13

Warning Long Quote Following. MY Post is towards the end of this and marked with a Start Here Comment in Red

Tired Angel Ramblies ~ Wednesday, October 03, 2001

*hugs Lyn* Honor Committment Courage. Honor Trust Love. Death Before Dishonor. Family Above All. God Country Corps (okok your branch here? *g* )
posted by Rambling Angel at 10:28 AM
~ Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Those who don't believe in honor have none Or Mmm Lyn says it better? Uhm..probably LOL Its hard to understand Honor when you don't posess it

I thought some about it and realize Lyn's right. There is a reason *I* Don't steal from stores or break into people's houses, or even kill stupid people. *nods* You know what it is. I know what it is. My Son will know what it is. No, I understand that not all people have nor understand honor, courage or love or respect. Maybe they aren't smart enough, maybe their parents didn't teach them the correct values as a child. *shrugs* Whatever the reason may be, I am not going to let it bother me anymore. I've never let stupid people bother me this much before, why start now? I am better than that, better than them. That simple.

posted by Rambling Angel at 1:26 PM

Start HereThat is all quoted from Cyn's Blog and I thought I would put it here. She quotes me a lot and I have to expand on this. There is a reason she and I had this discussion, We are people who Value Honor and Love and Trust, We Honor Courage and Committment. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt what moral Standards are. They do NOT need to be "sex before marriage" or "birth control" or "going to church every sunday" Moral standards are a code of conduct we all follow. Those of us who were raised properly (I myself was raised by an incredible Mother. Who Actually knew what it meant to be a parent), or who had the fortunate chance to learn it as we grew, posses a strong Moral Code, and that code isn't the same for each person. However.. Its those people who know nothing of themselves or the world, or things like Honor that have yet to figure out what morals or a moral code means.

I had sex before marriage, I still do. I drink, I party, and I will kill in the name of my country, HOWEVER I have strict morals. I have been bashed by flower loving critics who have no concept of anything other than their materialistic needs, but Its MY Soul, My Heart, My Life I Put on the Line to give creatures who I feel are a waste of space, the chance to try and turn their lives around. I can touch Honor, I can touch Courage and Pride and Patriotism, They are as real and tangible as the air I breathe, the life I live, and the soul that I am. I see these things in the eyes of dearest friends, I feel the heat of it in my lover's touch, and I see the birth of it in the children playing in the school lot, the children who don't always pick the ugly kid last... the children who wave the flag at parades.. the children who say "I can't blame Marcy Mrs Smith, she's my friend. I did it."

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 01:55

Monday, October 01, 2001 ~x~
*sly grin* Sent from Cyn via Email, I've seen this joke before though the new twist kicks ass.

THE GREAT WALL --An American Dream !!!!!...

Three guys, a Canadian, Osama Bin Ladin and Uncle Sam are out walking together one day. They come across a lantern and a Genie pops out of it.
"I will give each of you each one wish, that's three wishes total," says
the Genie.

The Canadian says, "I am a farmer, my dad was a farmer, and my son will also farm. I want the land to be forever fertile in Canada."

With a blink of the Genie's eye, 'POOF' the land in Canada was forever made fertile for farming.

Osama Bin Ladin was amazed, so he said, "I want a wall around Afganistan, so that no infidels, Jews or Americans can come into our precious state."

Again, with a blink of the Genie's eye, 'POOF' there was a huge wall
around Afganistan.

"Uncle Sam" (A former civil engineer), asks, "I'm very curious. Please
tell me more about this wall."

The Genie explains, "Well, it's about 15,000 feet high, 500 feet thick
and completely surrounds the country; nothing or nobody can get in or out---virtually impenetrable."

"UncleSam" says, "Fill it with water."

~x~ muttered by Mandy at 17:02

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