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Insanity Rocks Huh?
Sara "The Crazy Nimmo"'s Drag N Drop DollMaker!

Thank You To Wulfe for the Fantastic Native Islander to Go With My Hula Girl!
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These Shirts "tuck in"










These Shirts stay "untucked"



















The Odd Shapes are "WarPaint"







Extras for Fun






Clocks are -not- transparent










This Neoring is for Neopets and their owners who love to collect Cartoon Dolls together!

If you want to learn more about them, or join us, please visit the ring home page by clicking here!

This NeoCircle is owned by wisteareia
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I could rattle on and on about legal copyrights, but I won't, just be kind and intelligent please. If you'd like to link to Sara's page I'd love it. If not, well there's not much I can do if I don't know. However, if I find you claiming any of the items as your own (BTW Nimmos and any and all things Neopets are (C) Neopets and are used by me without the gain of profit or intent to break their copyright) I won't be happy, and lets just say thats a bad thing.

I apologize for that nasty popup but, this site is hosted on Angelfire as opposed to my domain, to prevent direct linking. Direct linking is the evil bane of our existence, save save save to your own computer!

If you make some neat dolls and want to show them off, please feel free to email me, I'd love to hear from you. Also if you make some cool dolls via editing my own items, I'd love to see those too! This drag-n-drop is constantly under renovations and I hope to have hundreds of neat unique items for the dolls, so definitely check back!

*** Unfortunately due to recent events in my private life updates will not happen as often as you or I might like them to right now. Please have patience.




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