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Calendar on the Wall
Writen by: Alicia K Griggs
Edited Slightly, To Ecompass All

A calendar hangs on our wall to count the days you've been gone. One by one I mark them the days off in blue, because that is how that's how I feel with out you!

The Military has taken you so far away, to Korea (Japan, Pakistan, So many Places West and East),which to me is a whole world away! It feels like forever and a day that you have already been away!

Missing your loving arms to hold me tight, the way we kiss, And make love in the middle of the night! I can hear your voice on the line matching the same emotions as mine and I start to cry.

My Soldier, My Man (My Gal), My Lover, My Husband (my Wife), My best Friend, this year seems that it will never end! You're so far way, but in your heart is where I call home so my Love we are never alone!

I just want you to know that I will be here waiting and loving you!

There is a calendar that hangs on our wall with X in blue because that is how I feel with out holding you! I love you!



















What We're About
The Pride

Connection, Strength, Pride, Understanding, companionship. Men and Women alike who love a serviceman in one way or another.. We're wives, husbands, fiances, friends and family.. The Strong Silent ones that so many people forget about.

We're the ones who stand by our Soldiers of every branch, we're the ones left at home while they go to war, we're the ones who Proudly say Goodbye with tears in our eyes, knowing.. That they keep our country free and strong. We are the ones who know that without our loved ones, the people of this great country would suffer needlessly. We are the ones who wait silently by the phone every single night, praying for it to ring... Watching the news reports... and clinging to God and the rest of the Military Community.

Best of all, we are the ones who give our soldiers strength, who give them love, and hope and encouragement, and we're the ones who give the same to each other. Only those of us who have been there can truly understand the times of need.



















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Member Lists

This area will eventually house our members in the format:

Hex // loves her Marine

Its a brand new clique as of Oct 21st 2001, so we will eventually grow, and the member's list will eventually end up being its own page housed outside this tiny box. Also we do have plans for a possible chain of support... through prayers (if desired) or email or phone if the members wish. Entirely on a voluntary basis. If you'd like to just display the banner, wonderful! If you'd like to get in touch with everyone else, even more wonderful!.



















Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a website to join?
A: No, just send in your info and I'll gladly add you to the group =)

Q: Do I have to give you my Email?
A: Of course not =) However if you'd like to be able to communicate with people it would be helpful.

Q: I'm not married to a soldier, but I really like the armed forces can I join? A: Do you have a friend in the service? What about family? If you do, then go ahead and fully join we'd love to have you. If you don't have friends or family in the service we do offer a "all soldiers" set of buttons =) And we'll add you to a separate list.