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What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease. Hence his victories bring him neither reputation for wisdom nor credit for courage. He wins his battles by making no mistakes. Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory, for it means conquering an enemy that is already defeated. Hence the skillful fighter puts himself into a position which makes defeat impossible, and does not miss the moment for defeating the enemy. Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.

~*~ Sun Tzu "The Art Of War"



Saturday, September 01, 2001

Maybe I should Post This Here? *g* For those getting way confused as of lately.. Its Hex AKA realitys_toxic AKA Hexplosive AKA Mandy AKA Lyn the last being what I go by folks =) Though "Red" Is pretty common too *huge grin*
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Oooooh You Know what? I spent all morning, well MY morning, and afternoon working on one teeny tiny project. What's that you may ask? Ohhh a slight artists depiction of what Bon, Cyn and I did Last night.... What'd we do last night?

We caught a bitch last night...

...and it was this big!

And yes, I know you all want it so, here, a full size version is available at The Bitch

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Not awake. Still a Zombie. Bleary Eyed, confuzed, confusing. Buuuuuut Bonnie has been updating her blog. Yay! I love her domain name its perfect for her. Why? She's a little bit Zany, a little bit nuts, a whole lot comical, even more intelligent and all around one hell of a Bonnie Monster. I know she's had some nasty shit to deal with lately,a hell of a lot of it because of me, and it irks the hell out of me, so Bon, since I know you keep up on my Blog, I'm sorry hon. I never meant for it to all blow up in your face, you don't deserve the hassle or the shit. There are just some truly pathetic, truly stupid assholes in this world. Myself and Cyn and Jess and the Ladies of Project 21 and Neil, and Jon and so many many many members of O21G love you, and don't take you for granted, we can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us, and do for us on a daily basis. You're one in a million Bonnie, with a heart the size of an Abrams. Thank You Bon.
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What a Night. Good Lord In Heaven. Big Changes on the Horizon, suddenly swamped over, Nothing I can truly talk about except to say, that I'm glad I waited to post tonight, otherwise I'd have put in another huge long very nasty very mean spirited note. On the upside Dawn loved her pile of plushies last night. I am so glad,she needed the smile =)

And Jess Has such nice little mumblings in her blog, She is the sweetest person she's just genuinely nice and gentle sweet and polite. She's cool shit you know that? Its sooooooo nice to get to hang out with her. Of course if she keeps writing such nice things in her Blog She's going to convince me I'm actually *gasp* a nice person!

Lets See.... Jon Got a blog finally! Yay! He's pretty neat too, and Also on the new blogs Neil Also got a blog, its a bout time. BOTH of them though need to work on new graphics *g* Going to leave it all here for now, just because its late I'm tired and I'm going to go update Cyn's links list for her. She's lucky I love her *snicker*

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Friday, August 31, 2001

Another tiny quick note. Huge things going on can't talk now. BUT I HAVE to post this. A Sneak Peak of Tom and Emillio! We always knew they'd come out eventually!! Thank you Ann for getting us this candid shot!!
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Better Better Better! I am feeling SO Awesome tonight. Quick Post, will mumble much more later. BUT I do want to say, it was pointed out to me that my poor blog is SO dark and depressing, I am damn sorry guys *g* I'm usually the "dark" nutcase of the group, things are back on track though, and Thank You Bonnie for laughing at me last night *g* you definitely helped. I Looooooooooove you ALL! I'll be around later!
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I want to Vent. I want to Vent. I want to VENT! I am So Angry. I am fragging furious, so much so in fact I would love to find out what a cheese grater can do as a torture device. I hate stupid people, I hate backstabbing power hungry bitches, who suck up only to those who can get them into the "in" crowd. I hate those same bitches who can't stand to be wrong and must attack everyone else, INVENTING a way to blame them, because said bitch screwed up. GOD. I can't even vent fully yet because I promised the other person involved in this I'd wait til they got home and finished their conversation with the bitch from last night, BEFORE I post my rant. For fear that earlier mentioned wench might read my blog, and the situation would blow up with out him getting the chance to try and settle it himself. Argh. Worse yet? I swear I've got nice things to say to everyone, just obviously not the last two days. Hang in there, if nothing else laugh at my foolish bitch sessons til I can get into good things.
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Thursday, August 30, 2001

Lookit? Yep, Me Been Playing again. Bad Mandy. Hardly anything to post here except for a few little odd and ends... Odd one? Finally put some links up and put them in a matching box, of course now that I've spent several hours fiddling with it, I'm not sure if I like the links in the box or just on plain white like they were originally. Do me a favor and YM me your opinions guys, please? *g* Ok that's Odd Bit Number One. Odd Bit Number Two is now poor Cyn is sick. I think this schtuff is contagious. Someone use their Rod of SuperGetWell on her please? Pretty please? Looks like it'll be moi stocking P21 tonight, unless I can talk Jada into helping me *g* Ok ok ok, I KNOW I'm way spaced out tonight I promise to try and post something with substance later tonight.

Ok End number one... Remember my rant about Stupid AOL people in the wee hours of morn'? Well on the subject of not quite stupid people Richard the "Furry" has surfaced again.. Its amazing the people you "remeet" when you sign onto AOL and haven't used it in months. You know, he's not too bad a guy, though a little strange (Course all men are...) Though he lives kind of close... Actually only a couple hours... little strange, ok a whole lot strange.. But anyone who wants to chew his ear off, I'll supply his SN *wicked grin* I love you my loverly friends, and your wicked wicked minds. Anyway, P21 Beckons and finishing this damn template and such. Ohhhh "bugger" Jada is going to bed, guess its me and P21 all alone tonight *g*

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Ok well, as y'all can see by looking down on the left hand side *g* I finally got one of those Mood Indicator thingermabobbers that everyone seems so fond of. Hrmph.

On a more sad note, or maybe concerned note is more like it, I'm worried about Jess and Dawn Both. Jess just because I know work is hectic for her, and she's usually so zaney and nutty, she hasn't been herself the last couple nights, but Dawn? *sigh* I so worry about her, [If you're reading this Dawn change that to "I worry about You"] Dawn can be kind of quiet, but she's usually upbeat, has a heart of gold and will speak her mind when needed, however the last couple days she has seemed more like Down than Dawn. I know lots of you sweep through my blog, so why not send her a Virtual Eeek Mail? Or even a Lil Neo Pressie to her Fluppee ID? Heck even a lil neomail, Its the little things that make people smile. While you're at it? Bombard Jess too Huh? OH! And Visit Cyn's Blog, go on, go look at her pretty purkle template! Ok Ok Ok, more mutterings later

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BONUS Rickie You rock hon, there is no other way to say it. Its official Folks "Andrew" Has gotten a mention on MentalMidgets, he has made The List And I believe RickieMiester said he is the first one to make it on there that didn't IM her *g* Rickie, rickie, rickie. You Rock.
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Ok So the night is definitely looking up!! Jess sends me roses (see below!), I harass Cyn via her blog, THEN am nice enough to put her template up for her *g* And an old friend who I absolutely love gets back in touch with me. Marty I luv you hon, and I missed you so much, I am so glad we stumbled back into each, I've no idea why the hell we waited so long. That was SO sappy, Jesus. Course after so many years....People can be stupid somtimes can't they?

At any rate, about the only truly bad note to the night (MINUS "the incident") Would be stupid AOL people. Why the hell do men feel the need to stalk? Especially sissy men. I mean, Come ON! There is this one guy, who IMed me out of the blue one day to talk about ballet. BALLET. Hello. Me? leatherneck? Redneck? Ballet? Um. No. Sorry Charlie. However, I fully enjoy the chance to bullshit people, and I love to stretch my bullshitting skills to the max. So what do I do? yabber on and on and on for several hours with this guy, who is now convinced I know a shitload about ballet, and must be some kind of dance Goddess. Riiiiight. Sorry hon but the only dance I do is belly dancing. (no comments from the peanut gallery) So, I try to introduce him to the most girlie man I know, thinking they'll hit it off. Wrong, pinkie doesn't like him. *sigh* Oh well, I tried to get rid of him. So next step? I simply ignore him. Sorry No Dice. What's his name btw? Andrew the hypnotist. Good God, help? Ok so the lil guy IMs me tonight, "What's new?" Mmmm Anyone got an Abrahms I can borrow to run him down? Lord all Mighty.. better yet, I'll PAY someone to take this whacko off my hands. If he's a friend, Sorry, No No not sorry I said what I did, only sorry he's your friend *g* Come ON he's weird, folks! Ballet..... his life is ballet... stretching toe work ballet, and he's never taken a class! Creepy.......

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Wednesday, August 29, 2001

*slight smile* Thank you so much Jess for everything the sweet words in your blog, and the pretty instant roses on Neopets. Thank you so Much hon, you're such a sweet friend.
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All right here's the deal. I am pissed beyond words. I am pissed beyond actions, I am thoroughly trained to channel my anger into warfare, self defense and the preservation of what I believe in, and yet I hesitated to post this. Why? Because I know there are members of the Over 21 Guild who read my blog. I have friends who read this blog, and out of respect for all of them I was not going to post this. However, this is MY blog, MY personal webspace, and it is NOT affiliated with the Over 21 Guild or my Official Positions in it in any way. This is a journal, a journal is a place to share emotions, good and bad, and I need to vent. I HAVE to vent. So Want it all? Here it is, I won't apologize for writing it, or for you reading it.

Last night I resigned my place as a Pixie And Sprite, and as such I posted I good-bye post for all those involved in that area to read, The Post is as follows and copied and pasted EXACTLY as is:

""I thank you all for the wonderful times and fun you gave me it is an experience that I would like you to know up front I will always cherish. Unfortunately tonight, I need to step down from my Pixie and Sprite Status, it is not a time or workload issue, it is however a difference of opinion issue, one that I personally do not feel can be overcome. So, please accept my resignation with the knowledge that I had a wonderful time, and appreciate the opportunity you all gave me. I Adore all of you greatly, I want you to know I wrote this the moment I sent (Name removed for Identity Purposes)notice, I feel you all deserved to know as much as she does. Some of you I work with in other departments and we have a ball, others I see you guys on the boards and through YMs, so please just know it is not anything anyone Pixie Did. You are all wonderful. My complaint lies elsewhere. Again guys, thank you very very much.

-Mandy, Pixie Cricket ""

Now. My Fragging problem here? It was brought to my attention by MORE than one person that there was a post made in response to mine, that alleges that I was childish and immature for bringing my problems on the board. Bringing my problems on the board?! Not once did I mention what they were, not once did I bitch whine moan accuse ect. I Simply thanked them all, wished them well, assured them it wasn't any one person's fault, then I left without another word. This Shit pisses me the hell off. Did I mention after I deleted myself from the board [which was directly after that post] The person I DO have issues with took it upon themself to post what I had told them in YMs? Oh, let me take this a step further, The Resignation letter I sent follows below, cut and pasted word for word;

""To (Name removed for Identity purposes);

I thank you greatly for the wonderful chance you gave
me to do something exciting for the guild and its
members, it is an experience that I would like you to
know up front I will always cherish. Unfortunately
tonight, I need to step down from my Pixie and Sprite
Status, it is not a time or workload issue it is more
like an old married couple. Even in the short time I
have been Collections and Wish, we have grown apart,
and there are some differences in opinions that I
personally do not feel can be overcome. So, please
accept my resignation with the knowledge that I had a
wonderful time, and appreciate the opportunity you
gave me.

Mandy, Pixie Cricket ""

Now Again, I was polite, even sweet about it. Unfortunately the person in question decided to come to me via YM and beg to be told what the "differences" were, I declined saying I wanted to leave things on an amicable note. Said person pushed, so said person was told exactly what was bothering me. It was after that conversation the aforementioned person posted a paraphrased post about my differences of opinion. THAT alone pissed me off. I felt it was immature nasty and mean spirited. However I let it slide. Double unfortunately, someone else (who has caused this intense outburst you are obviously reading) felt it their duty to run off at the mouth proclaiming that I was the one who brought this shit to the board, that I was the one who was childish and immature. Those who know me, and know my redheaded leathernecked self and my temper. I sat quietly, politely and nicely too damn long. This shit is beyond it. If people want to frigging trash me, then I damn well want to EARN it. Want to make me out to be mean and nasty and childish? Then bring it on honny, I'll gladly show them what a pissed off Marine Pup is.

On a final note for now? I have a tagline to add to the pixie application... "Do ye, the undersigned applicant swear to work within this department until which time your death is pronounced legal?________ And do ye the undersigned applicant attest to being in sound state of mind, and of intelligence to understand that if ye do resign ye shall be tarred, feathered and burned at the stake? _____"

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This is so totally unimportant and totally unrelated but I just have to mumble about this. Talk about being on different worlds tonight. *g* Cyn's hubby Bryan YMs me tonight with a bumper sticker he saw and thinks I'd love. The Quote? "In 1969 we put a man on the moon, when can we send the rest?" I kind of snickered, then told him the bumper sticker I bought a couple days ago "Gun control means using both hands" His reponse? No doubt hysterical laughter, followed by and I quote "I forgot about the redneck hillbilliness" *snicker* Ok So I'm not a girlie girl... Can I help it I get off on high powered weapons?
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Where the hell do I start? Good Lord what a Day, From an idiot ex making an appearence to Stepping down from having been a Pixie, I'm not sure if I want to love this day or hate it. On the upside I *finally* Got a ton of crap off my chest and said to the right people.

You know my self restraint online amazes me, were this real life I'd have stripped the person my beef was with, down to tears and sobbing wretchedness LONG before it got to this point. I tend to rip people off at the knees when they irritate me, and She is no different, however I'd TRIED to be diplomatic, polite and friendly and leave things on nice terms, but was pushed over the edge. Tears? Oops. Whatever, some people are such drama queens... Now drag queens... amusing as all hell, drama queens? A Bit trying, How come it seems like the guild has more than our fair share? Mmmmm maybe I'll take that up with Justin and Bonnie, see if we can't add that to our application requirements... Both an IQ test and Drama Queen Screening. Take ONE! Action........

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Tuesday, August 28, 2001

And this my friends is a test post, to check out the layout, the colors and to take a moment to thank everyone for shoving me toward blogger *g* This has definite potential... especially because I can post secret codes to Cyn the other half of Troublese Of Course we didn't do it. PLUS I can also post Top Secret Notes about Project X to Jess Mwahahaha such fun involved for Project 21
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