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My name is Brandon and this is my first free web page.  I am a volunteer firefighter in a small town of banks.  I love to bow hunt and fish in the off season.  There are many things to do in and around my town like go to Portland, Oregon and shop.  I am also attending a small community college just west of Portland.  This small college is called Portland Community College.  There I am studying fire science and working towards my Paramedic certification.  I hope to be done in fall of 2005.  Shortly after I am done with all my schooling I plan to get a job with a large department like: TVFR, or Portland Fire. 



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This site is the main index for all my assignments for CIS120 - Fall 03

Assignment #1

The History of the Computer

Assignment #2

~My Resume

 ~Cadet Brochure

Assignment #3

~Walter Prodigies

Assignment #4

~My First Web Page

Assignment #6

~Internet Terminology

In Class Assignment

~ Image Show

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