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The Stories of Ape

1) Ok so stew was over and i had 10 bucks, and I didn't know what to do with it. SO me and stew go over to magicland. This place has like fake boobies and rubber barf and stuff. Anyway, so then I bought 15 stink bombs and 3 bomb bags. Then we went to Nina's house and lobbed a few at some lawn mower peeps and lobbed one over her fence. We decided to test a bomb bag in the alley. It was pretty cool. Then here's where ape comes in. Well we got on our bikes and rode over to ape's house. Then I stuck my head through his doggy door. Now you gotta realize that his doggy door isn't in his door, it's in the wall in his kitchen, and cuz he has a little yipper dog it's really small so i could only get my head through. Well anyway so then i through a stink bomb in his kitchen, and a bomb bag, but the bomb bag was a dud so i threw another one. Just as I'm pullin my head out stew sez