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Ghost WebCam Watch - A Live Ghost Hunting!


Welcome to our Ghost hunting, live via a WebCam!

d o n a t i o n s


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Now be honest! Did the WebCam caused you any emotion? reaction? fear? laugh? amusement? We KNOW it did! ;) That's why we request something in exchange! What about 1 simple buck? ;) Just to show your gratitude and/or to show us how angry you feel after seeing Jane ;)

If you don't want to buy anything from the MERCHANDISE section but had fun with our WebCam and want to collaborate by giving away some bucks, this is your page.

We will list all donators (and a link if you wish to) as true GhostBusters in a special page we'll set up as soon as first donations arrive!


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We've chosen PayPal's on-line payment system as it's the most securest, fastest and easy way to donate on-line. Just click the button below, enter any amount and you're done!!

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