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Okay for the record this was kind of my idea right. I thought hey why not get me the hook up?

I am recently out of a relationship that sucked but, have been able to say goodbye to all of that...I am really better for it all...really!

(I am on the left)



Sex: Male

Age: 19

DOB: 8/3/1983 No...really

Orientation: I am gay and my mannerisms really fall in the middle...

Favs.: Ben Affleck, Good Charlotte, Savage Garden, Yogurt (and anything healthy really), candles, nature, and fun times with friends

Hair: That would be black/brown but I dye it blonde...

Height: that would be about 5'9" or 5'10"

Weight: I am not sure I am proportionate for my height is all I know (so said Dr.J)

Education: I am a Graduate of Cushing High School (Go tigers!), Attended seminary and am ordained, hold a Doctoral of Divinity. 

Employment: I work in the field of nursing and am a member of a certified personnel team, I am employed and love what I do most days...

Family:  I thought that this would be an important part to include in my bio...My grandma is a Southern Baptist (welcoming and affirming) but my friends and I call her Kick ass Granny she takes crap from no one and she is cool with me being gay, my Mom is a hippie (enough said), Dad is a jerk...not in the family really!!! Sister is cool...she is just down with everyone and everything kind of got the hippie syndrome. Brothers they are just not normal what more can a guy say.

A little more:

I do not smoke or drink. I am a fun loving person who enjoys friends and desires friendship more than anything else in life...FRIENDS we all need them. I am a charismatic and at times hyper person who loves to just get the word out and have some fun with everything I do. I have traveled and love that...I need to see more of Oklahoma and the states though. I would like to find someone to date but if I find someone to at least chat with, and if I make a friend that is fine too. I am open to learning new things and people so click below on the e-mail link to and shoot me an e-mail.




We are all equal to some extent: we all only have 24 hours in a day!!!