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GAINAX: crack is healthier!

The AN*~Gainax Club is a...hmm...What is it ? Oh, its a club dedicated to...Gonzo ? no no no thats not even in the title. oh to Gainax! thats the ticket! Gainax- crack is healthier! (and cheaper) Gainax Studios has produced some of the zanniest and most insane animes ever! some of their productions include: Gunbuster, Otaku no video, Kare Kano, Abenobashi magical shopping district, Nadia: secret of the blue water, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Wings of ham and cheese (honneamise), and of course my personal favorite OAV from the wacky studio of Gainax- FLCL/Furi Kuri/Fooly Cooly So in honor of Gainax... Oo...Here's a chainsaw! ahhh! -Animekodama

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