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Lol Paul(Tracie) and Stacey(Bobby)...what a cute couple they make. Anyway well things have been kind of rocky since last time I wrote. In April I saw NFG and GC, met Ian and Steve and got great pics of everything. I got kicked out of my house and had to stay with Tracie for a few days. When I came back my mom tryed to pull out some bull shit "contract" and I exploded and went to Tracies but later went back home were me and my mom didnt talk till about late April early May after I told her I wanted to see a doctor cause I am seriously depressed and Im sick of holding it in. In May I stayed home a lot and started to think about how school was ending and what I was gonna do, friends wise. Now, in June, Im pretty confident in all the choices I've made lately and Im gonna miss everybody SOOOOO much thats going to Kennedy next year *tear*

The WeatherPixie


Hmmmm well in the midst of my busy 3 months, perticularly April, I had the pleasure of meeting some of Tracie's older brother, Erik, other friends from all the weekends me and Tracie had been spending together. Well lets see Ryan, lol nice kid, asks a lot of questions though, but its cool. Jamal, also a nice kid. Derrick, lol I...dont know what to say about him. I sure do miss me and Tracie's weekends, every weekend. We went through a lot of shit with all that time and made our friendship just a little bit closer, which is good and bad for many different reasons. Well I dont have anything else to say...::end::

The WeatherPixie

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