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Ramblings of a partially insaine mind

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Yet another branch under construction - this link will only take you to another angelfire part of the site - not my doing

do i really have to tell you this part is under construction too???

The Chaos Now Begins...ENJOY:)

Incessent ramblings...

No one can really say why I started this page - Just figured it would give me something to do with my time. LMAO - like I have a ton of spare time these days. Either way, I guess I could think of more destructive things to do if you like.

So any hoo - im sitting here trying to figure out everything again - or at least what they tried to teach me in high school on Web Page Development. Not much is coming back but I do have to say this is rather hillarious. The process of trying to remember that is.

Random thought - why is it that you can hear the ocean when you pick up a sea shell and put it to your ear - but you can't do that with anything else???? and side question - why do they call it a sea shell if most are found around the shores of oceans???

So what was iI saying??? Ahhhh yes - the trying to figure out the site - well all I ask is that you bare with me on this for a bit. The photo album works and so does the link to my other ramblings - so if you'd like to go to either of those places be my guest - the other though are still under construction so they won't have anything on them for a while. If you click on them you will be taken to an Angelfire site of some unless you feel like being taken off the beaten path be my guest. Otherwise just stick to the two provided for the time being!