Spiritual Life:
Pentecostal Christian

Miracle Deliverance Healing Revival Center #2


I'm old enough to know better but young enough not to care...




Sexual Orientation:

Single by choice

Univ of Central Flawda

In due Time

Future Lawyer

Peeple that are spiritual (I won't knock you if you're not but you prolly should be ),Peeple that are humorous,peeple that have Future Plans, Peeple that are hardworking and last but most importantly INDEPENDANT Women are always a "Pro"

Peeple who knock other peeple because of what they believe, Peeple who can't be themselves, peeple who are dishonest,scrubs, peeple who Dont have future plans and last but most importantly Golddiggers( men&women alike)

Yes! I do do the whole churching thang, chatting,laughing,eating frenchfries and chicken fingers,trying to beat my bros&cousins at basketball, writing poetry and collecting it. Hanging with my friends and Websurfing.
Extra Info

Well I guess i'll start off with the facts<~~~~they havent been proven by science but Noone needs a scientist to tell them whats true about themselves...First I'm a Pentecostal christian, American, female and of course beautiful outside and in- smart intelligent , diligent ,hardworking, knows there will never be world peace, God-fearing, loves kids<~~~Dont want to have any though, Gives to the homeless and charities whenever I can ..Volunteer at the local elementary school and reluctantly almost everyday I attend an institution of learning, I am also A democrat, yes a democrat!!, and yes I do think Bush is an Idiot,and My fav sport is Basketball I love to play even though I dont always win or sometimes I'm just watching and letting other ppl win. I like to fiddle around with this machine made up of recycled coke cans whenever I can whhich is always nowadays...I also like to hangout with my friends the ones that think that im still bsllin the ones who dont think I've lost my "spazz" but watever ...i always say if theyre not for then theyre definitely against me I also like writing poetry and reading Books pretending to think I can sing... spanish won't become an official first language in miami btw thats where I am from and yea were what they say we crack up to be...Always Live
Wise Words

He Prayed- it wasn't my religion He ate- it wasn't what I ate He spoke- it wasn't my Language He dressed- it wasn't what I wore when He took My hand- it wasn't the color of my hand But When He laughed- it was how I laughed And When he cried- it was How I cried....

Original Poem Work
Negro Mother

I'm banana flavoured!
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